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2000 excursion: intermittent..blower position reguardless

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PLEASE HELP my 2000 excursion 7.3 powerstroke is having intermittent ignition issues. started with the radio and blower motor being on while the key was off and out of the ignition. Ignition was acting like the key was in the run position reguardless of what position it was really in. Troubleshot a possible ignition key tumbler and changed it, no difference. Continued to troubleshoot down to the ignition switch, changed that and everything turns off except the motor. Determined I may have had a bad switch from the parts store and got another new one, put it in and it worked beautifully for about 20 minutes. tried to shut the vehicle off and now everything is going on and off intermitantly. From the door dinger to the warning lights to the anti-theft to the radio and everything else in between. This all is hapening reguardless of what psition the key is in or the switch. One other thing the speed sensor is not working either, pretty sure thats unrelated but you never know with these newer vehicles. One dealership said I should check the GEM modual. Ford truck forum guy said diesels don't have a GEM modual, if they do how would I go about cecking that and where is it. Otherwise any other ideas would be helpful. Thanks, Darren
Thanks for visiting Just Answer,
There is a GEM on this model, I would recommend checking the GEM and fuse box for water damage. Water can leak in from the windshield.
Here is how to get to the GEM, the fuse box is right there as well, either one could be to blame.


NOTE: The GEM must be reconfigured upon replacement. Refer to the scan tool help screen on the Ford Service Function (FSF) card to program tire size and axle ratio.

  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable. For additional information, refer to Battery.

CAUTION: Electronic modules are sensitive to electrical charges. If exposed to these charges, damage may result.

  1. Remove the instrument panel steering column cover.
1 Unlock the retainers.
2 Remove the instrument panel steering column cover.

CAUTION: Use care when removing the instrument panel steering column cover or damage to the cover locating tab may occur.

  1. Disconnect the bulkhead connectors from the instrument panel fuse junction panel.
1 Loosen the bolts.
2 Disconnect the bulkhead connectors.

  1. Position the instrument panel fuse junction panel aside.
1 Remove the nuts.
2 Remove the bolts.

  1. Remove the Generic Electronic Module/central Timer Module (GEM/CTM) .
1 Disconnect the electrical connectors.
2 Remove the screws.
3 Remove the GEM/CTM.


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
once I get the GEM out how do you check it? Is there some kind of continuity check or do I have to just go and buy a new one?
Just look for any obvious water damage. That is usually why the GEM fails, so water evidence is a good way to check.
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