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marcpod, Own collision repair advice
Category: Ford
Satisfied Customers: 2882
Experience:  i-car/Basf training, 300 repairs and 650,000 in Collision work monthly 18 yrs exp.Licensed Adjuster
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1989 Ford F250: remove dash..vents to work....can u help

Customer Question

i need to remove dash from 1989 Ford F250 to clean out mice "droppings" from vents to work....can u help
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  marcpod replied 6 years ago.

marcpod :

Welcome here is some help for you! Need to drop the steering column. first then proceed.

marcpod :


  1. Apply parking brake and disconnect battery ground cable.

  2. Remove bolt and nut attaching intermediate shaft to steering column.

  3. Disconnect shift linkage rod(s) from column.

  4. Remove screws from underneath steering wheel, then lift horn switch assembly from steering wheel.

  5. Disconnect horn switch wires by pulling spade terminal from blade connectors, then squeeze J-clip ground wire terminal and pull it out of hole in steering wheel.

  6. Remove horn switch assembly, then the steering wheel retaining nut.

  7. Using suitable puller, remove steering wheel from shaft. When servicing a tilt steering column, the steering wheel must be in the full Up position when removed.

  8. Remove steering column floor opening cover plate screws.

  9. Remove shroud by loosening screw at bottom, selecting position 1 on manual three speeds and automatics and spreading shroud open, and withdrawing out of instrument panel opening while pulling up and away from column.

  10. On vehicles with automatic transmission, remove shift lever cable.

  11. On all models, remove instrument panel column opening cover.

  12. Remove column support bracket to pedal support bracket attaching bolts.

  13. Disconnect turn signal/hazard warning and ignition switch wiring harnesses.

  14. Remove column from vehicle, then the column support bracket from column.

marcpod :

Full Size Image

marcpod :

  1. Attach steering column support bracket, ensuring that turn signal/hazard warning wiring is on outboard side of column, torquing nuts to 13-38 ft. lbs.

  2. Hand start floor opening cover plate clamp bolt and press plate until clamp flats abut stops on column outer tube.

  3. Load column into vehicle through opening in floor.

  4. Connect turn signal/hazard warning and ignition switch wiring harnesses.

  5. Raise column to pedal support bracket and hand start two bolts.

  6. Fasten floor opening cover plate to floor, torquing screws to 6-10 ft. lbs.

  7. Torque two support bracket bolts to 19-27 ft. lbs. and the cover plate clamp bolt to 8-18 ft. lbs.

  8. On vehicles with automatic transmission, install and adjust shift lever cable.

  9. On all models, install instrument panel steering column opening cover.

  10. Mount shroud by selecting position 1 on three speed manuals and automatics, spreading shroud around steering column and through opening in instrument panel. Post on interior will index shroud when properly positioned.

  11. Torque screw at bottom of shroud to 10-15 inch lbs.

  12. Attach shift linkage rod(s) to column.

  13. Connect intermediate shaft to steering column, torquing bolts to 35-50 ft. lbs.

  14. Position steering wheel into place with retaining nut, then torque nut to 30-40 ft. lbs. and steering wheel pad to 7-11 inch lbs.

  15. Connect spade terminal of horn switch wire to blade connector and press J-clip ground terminal fully into threaded hole.

  16. Center horn switch on steering wheel and install attaching screws.

  17. Connect battery ground cable.

marcpod :

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marcpod :

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marcpod :

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marcpod :

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marcpod :

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