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Ford expedition check engine is on for code p2112 and p2104

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check engine is on for code p2112 and p2104 repeated 2 times same code and stalled but re start again

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These codes indicate an issue with the throttle body or the throttle body circuits. Before further diagnosis, inspect throttle body for signs of sludge, buildup, debris, that may obstruct the throttle plate. Clean and retest if necessary. If no obstructions found then throttle body assembly likely needs to be replaced, monitor the Throttle Position (TP) sensor 1 and TP sensor 2 voltage readings on the scan data, while sweeping throttle open and closed. Voltages should smoothly sweep up and down together. Note: TP 2 starts low, and goes high as the throttle opens, and TP 1 starts high, and goes down as the throttle opens. If either one shows dead spots, or spikes, while sweeping, replace the Throttle Position (TP) sensor.Wiggle test the throttle body connectors, and the wiring harness from the throttle body to the PCM to check for intermittent connector or wiring harness problems.

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