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Ford Fusion S I replaced the battery on my sons 2007 Ford

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I replaced the battery on my son's 2007 Ford Fusion last night and it started fine. My problem is it has no throttle response, it just idles. Also the check engine light and wrench light is on. It ran fine before replacing the battery.
Hello, did you remove anything to get battery out? air intake hose? air filter etc? also what engine is in it?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I only had to remove the battery hold down bracket to remove the battery.

The engine is a 4 cyl.

very odd. Whenever a battery is disconnected, there can be adverse affects with the PCM relearning its strategy. You may have an odd idle, shifting problems etc but usually relearns itself upon a drive cycle on the road. Check engine light on is not a symptom of this.Do to the fact the light is on kind of tells me something may? have been bumped or disconnected. Now.. the only way to know what circuit would be to have codes scanned. You sy it will only idle so hard to get to parts store for free code scan. have you tried to drive at all, can you drive it at all? can you give it any gas while out of gear or nothing happens but idles?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I only had to disconnect the battery terminals which were easy to get to. The battery lifted straight out. It is located directly behind the air filter box. I have looked at that area for any thing that could have come loose. Didn't see anything obvious. In drive/reverse/neutral the engine only idles. there is no response from the gas pedal so I can't drive it anywhere. On level ground it will move in reverse and in drive it goes forward just no throttle. I'm at work now and will be home in 3 hours to mess with it. I have been told I can borrow a code scanner from autozone.

perect. if you cn get the scanner we can surely locate what happened. i would really be sure the plug on the big black hose form air cleaner to engine is on good and tight. This is the mass airflow sensor plug, it is right along side of battery. May want to unplug and plug back in. If not making a connection, car will not go above idle. I will submit as answer but reealize you need to check this. Also, be sure the plug at the throttle body is on good. Wiggle it as well. This is the throttle control as there is no cable. Check these plugs, try for code reader and then LMK. I will be on/off today so if you miss me, I will be back to help
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am home now. I borrowed a code reader from autozone and it showed the following codes.

P2104 throttle accuator control system forced idle

P2112 throttle accuator control system stuck closed

then repeated these two again.

I checked all the connectors on the throttle body and air tube from the air filter and they look good.

I can't believe just changing out the battery would cause this.

sorry for delay. had to step out for a bit. let me see what i can find for you. Back shortly
ok, i need you to remove the large air intake hose from the throttle body. Put you fingers inside and see if you can work/push the throttle butterfly open. Do not force, see if you can move fairly easy
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
sorry i was out. Yes it moves all the way open easily then closes on its own.
This is very odd as should not have been affected by battery change. Please dont panic but.. I do need to know if you removed POS or NEG terminal first and did anything touch or arc when doing the battery?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I removed the negative terminal first. It did spark a little at the negative post when the terminal came off. I put the new battery in about 10 minutes after i took the old one out. Put the Positive on first. Then the negative. Then the bracket. I have done this many times on older cars without any problems. I'm 55 years and have seen alot of bad batteries.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX is is this not normal with just battery change. The codes set all point to the throttle blade not moving. It does require a scnner to view the throttle data etc.. In the end of the flow charts, it leads to bad wiring, a throttle control OR even the PCM. Let me check a few more things to see if there is anything you can test without scanner
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

just to update you on the repair. it ended up being something with the throttle body.

Not sure what it was and running out of time i had andy mohr ford pick it up to do the repair the next day. They replaced the throttle body and it ran fine. they could not under stand why replacing the battery would cause it to go bad. They said coincedence.

They charged me $290 parts and $250 labor. and did the work Dec 23 the same morning I called them.

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