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Ford Ranger How to fix vacuum actuator for 1999 Ranger 4X4

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How to fix vacuum actuator for 1999 Ranger 4X4 off-road pkg operation without replacing entire unit?

Hello, I'm Chris.
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Are you wanting to fix the vacuum actuator or just alter your hubs?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If I can fix the actuator, that would be preferable.

Ok I need to know what tests have been done on the actuator and how has it failed. Have you taken it apart. From inside the PVH you can only correct vacuum leaks with sealant or rebuild the relay internal which controls the magnet. Ford offers no internal diagrams of the PVH


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I looked under the vehicle, behind the Driver's side FR tire:
saw 2 hoses going to the back of the brake plate. One looked like it was shrouded with a flexible cover with a split. The other looked like a 3/8 rubber hose going to a metal fitting. This rubber hose had a 1/2" or more split in it.
If this hose is the vacuum line to the hub, could a split hose cause the symptom of 4X4 n/engaging in the front when all drive shafts are turning and indicator lights are on and when in 4X4 low, rear wheels are going slow?
If so, what exactly are the dimensions and spec range of replacement hoses?
You should replace any and all hoses which are cracked with the same diameter hose. You can take a cut section of house to your local NAPA store to get the inner and outer size matched up for a replacement. No cracks are allowed since it cant hold a vacuum.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I took another look. The hose I mentioned had a crack about an inch. The entire hose has cracks all along it -- dry rot.
Some hoses are inside split plastic covers, some are not.
Where is the PVH? How much hose will I need for all connections? What special fittings, clamps? Any special tools to get the hoses mounted and/or into the brackets? Some look like hoses within hoses.
Please advise.

All the fittings should be reusable and zip ties can be used were needed to secure any that are loose. I would get at least 12 foot of hose so you have enough. Its only like 2$ a foot.

The PVH is behind the passenger side headlight.