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Ford Festiva: 1992 Ford Festiva blower motor not working. No

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1992 Ford Festiva blower motor not working. No voltage at BL/R connector at all at any time. Test light shows voltage on BL/Y side when key is in the on position. Where can I troubleshoot from here?

i shall post the wiring schematics below for you so you can visualise powerflow as well as help you as you are tracking your wire fault. the bl/rd wire should not have power on it. Instead power flows on the from the fuse ,through the blower motor,through the resistor and then through the selector switch to ground. The BL/Y wire at the blower motor should have power on it as you have , and the BL/R wire should show a ground signal. If the blower does not work and you DO have ground on the BL/R, then the blower motor is bad and will need to be replaced, you can sometimes verify a failed blower motor by tapping it with a hammer, if it tries to start spinning the motor is bad. If there is no ground on the BL/R wire ,then you likely have a bad blower motor resistor, these are fairly common to fail.The blower motor resistor is located on the right side under the dash bolted to the heatercase. The R&R procedure is posted below. Hope this helps


Blower Resistor



  1. Disconnect the battery negative cable.
  1. Remove the airflow duct located below the steering column.



  1. Disconnect the blower resistor wiring.

    CAUTION: Do not remove the screw in front of the blower resistor. This screw attaches the blower resistor mounting plate to the air distribution plenum. Removal of this screw and the blower resistor attaching screws will allow the plate to fall into the air distribution plenum. Once in the plenum, the plate can be retrieved only by removal of the instrument panel.

  1. Remove the attaching screws and the blower resistor.






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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for the info! This makes much more sense now. I was relying on my trusty Haynes manual which said "check for power at the blue/red wire. There SHOULD be battery power. I just checked the circuit using the info you provided and I have good ground on the blue/red side as well as power coming from each of the 3 blower motor switch settings, so I will be off to buy a new blower motor tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

no problem at all,glad i was able to assist, you can verify the blower failure by tapping it with a hammer a few times,if it starts turning then the blower is definately bad.just reviewing wiring diagrams and tracing power and ground flow( the load,i.e. blower motor in this case is always the devider point) and checking where the flow stops,will identify the exact location of the fault. If you have any further concerns please feel free to reply at this post, you can still add to here if you are not 100% satisfied. I am online every day. Please do kindly leave positive feedback on your resolution if your concern has been resolved


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks again. New blower motor installed and working great, as I suspected in the first place. Stupid Haynes manual threw me off. Thanks again!
anytime, i am here to assist. If you have any future concerns feel free to ask for me