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Ford Ranger Which fuse should I check. My brake lights and

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Which fuse should I check. My brake lights and turn signals do not work. Bulbs are new. 92 Ranger.
Hello, what is the engine size? is it 4x4? also, do hazzards work?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

It is the little 4 cylinder engine. Not 4x4. Flashers flash only in front.


Thnaks. First you need to check fuse #4 and fuse# XXXXX in the inside fuse box. I do not have location picture but if I remember, the #'s are on the fuse box. each fuse should be a 15 amp fuse. LMK thanks
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


lmk thanks
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

checked all 15s and they are good.


Thanks. This now gets tricky. Since fuse are ok, I really am leaning to a bad mutifuction switch in the column. This is about the only coomon item that will affect all you have mentioned. being brakes are out as well, leads me to this item as the brakes will go out if that switch is bad as well as turns etc.. It is possibel to have a bad flasher but really do not think so. Since flasher is real cheap, I would swap it out . It is in the front of fuse panel under dash. if no fix, then lead to switch in column. this is where all circuits do come together and can affect all you mentioned and cause your problems as well


  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
  2. On models with tilt steering, remove tilt lever, then the steering column collar by pressing on collar from top and bottom while removing.
  3. On all models, remove lower dash panel trim cover, then the column shroud retaining screws from bottom of column shroud.
  4. Remove bottom half of shroud by pulling shroud down and toward rear of vehicle. Move shift lever as required to ease shroud removal on models with automatic transmission.
  5. Lift top half of shroud from column.
  6. Remove two switch attaching screws, then disconnect switch from casting.
  7. Disconnect three electrical connectors, using care not to damage locking tabs. Use care not to damage selector indicator cable on models with automatic transmission.


  1. Install three electrical connectors, ensuring they are fully engaged. Wiring for switch is routed under selector indicator cable on models with automatic transmission.
  2. Align switch mounting holes with holes in steering column casting, then install screws and torque to 18-27 inch lbs.
  3. On models with automatic transmission, verify that selector indicator is adjusted properly.
  4. On all models, position top half of steering column shroud onto column so that screw moldings on shroud seat in mounting bores in column. Place shift lever in lowest position to aid assembly on vehicles with automatic transmission.
  5. Install bottom half of shroud by sliding guides in bottom half of shroud into tabs in top half.
  6. Install shroud retaining screws and torque to 18.5-25.6 inch lbs.
  7. On models with tilt steering, install steering column collar by pressing on top and bottom while installing on column.
  8. Install tilt lever and torque to 2.2-3.6 ft lb
  9. On all models, install lower dash panel trim cover, then connect battery ground cable.
  10. Check multi-function switch and steering column for proper operation.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So, if flasher is good, I need to replace something in the steering column called a multi function switch. Will Advance Auto parts be able to source this for me?
It can also be called the turn signal switch. even the hazzards and brake light circuits run through this switch. I am not online with Advance but am with autozone and AZ does show one so 99.9% Advance will have also
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