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1999 Lincoln navigator: theft light..steady..always starts..randomly

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1999 Lincoln navigator theft light will come on steady and stay on even after ignition is turned off. Engine always starts no problem. Seems to do it randomly. Don't get datastream on scanner. From hybrid cluster. No U codes. Was setting code 1326 in gems but pid shows proper key in and out even when theft light is on steady. Is it the pats module in the HEC causing this?

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I can help. first, need to double check the code, was it a b1356? instead of a 1326?

If a 1326, was there a letter before the code?

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX will help.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
B1352 key in circuit failure. I have never come across this type of problem on a ford pats.
I suspect the pats module in hec. The code is random. Was setting immediatley but after removing ingition lock cyl. And inspecting code hasn't set again but theft light still coming
on. Seems to be randomely. Will start vehicle And light will come on bright and steady. Turning ignition off it will remain on. If I unplugg ipc wait and plug back in light will be out. It will operate normally. Until it decides it wants to act up again. Engine will alwAys start and stay running. Gems had alot of codes stored but p0500 vss code will always pop up first. Did self test on ipc all works good and no codes. Also as mentioned before no datastream from ipc using any scanner.

Not thinking its a pats problem, but a GEM problem. Check for water intrusion from a leaking windshield on your GEM module, if found, have windshield resealed (check with a hose on the windshield. If none found, disconnect all connectors at the GEM module and check for corrosion. If found, clean, and reconnect, if still not working Replace your GEM module. If no corrosion found, I still recommend replacing your GEM module. The code is random and will cause illumination problems in your cluster.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm not concerned about the trouble code. But the theft light coming on randomely. The gem has nothing to do with the pats on this vehicle.
Not true, the Gem module plays a big part in instrument cluster illumination. Especially if the light is stuck on along with the PATS system working properly (the Navigator does start). The Gem module is the fault, and used to ground the negative feed of the bulb.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Just wanted to let you know that We removed gem and inspected. No corrosion found, no water intrusion. Reinstalled and retested and things seem to be working normally now. Still going to recommend replacement. Never saw this type of problem. Have seen everything else though. Thanks alot for your Input. When you reply to this I will accept your answer. Dave
Hey thats good news, may have cleaned the connectors. Check to make sure all the pins are sticking out also on the connector. A pushed out pin will cause the problem as well.
This will fix your problem,
And thanks for the future accept!
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