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Dr.carz, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  10 year ford master tech. ase master cert. 3 yrs independant shop.
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2003 Ford Explorer XLT: (overdrive..malfunction..solenoid..module

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my o/d (overdrive) light is flashing on my 2003 Ford Explorer XLT (4dr, 4wh drive). When connected to a code reader, it gives code P0755 (sol B, circuitry malfunction). I replaced the entire solenoid module inside the transmission ($400 from Ford). Yet the o/d light is still flashing (I cleared it after replacing the unit). I've checked the electrical connector to the transmission (12 pins). I see that one of the slots on the female side of the connector doesn't have a pin inside it. The other 11 do. I don't know if it's suppose to have one and the dealer wants $270 for that wiring harness. How do I trouble shoot this issue?

there are only 11 wires in connector the violet/orange wire is ssb circuit control and goes to pin 2 connector b at the pcm check the circuit from trans pin 15 to pcm pin 2 violet/orange wire if open(no continuity) cut wire at pcm and trans and run a new wire.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I understand your answer and am sorry for the long response. Just one follow-up question, if I have to repair the wire, how do i open the connector as it has a bolt through the center of it and i can't see how it is opened to gain access to the wire and their connector pins? Once again thank you for all of your help in this crazy problem of mine....
loosen the bolt and remove connector from trans, looking at the connector around the outside or inside is a removable plastic retainer using a small pick ti dislodge and when removed will reveal the locking tabs down inside in which with a small pick you lift up on th tab while pulling on wire from backside.Not that once the retainer is rewoved look down inside connector at the pins themselves you will see the very small tab to lift on to release. good luck and pleased accept when satisfied feedback is great as well.thanks.
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