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2002 f250 super duty: 4x4..wipers quit working...checked fuse 33

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I have a 2002 f250 super duty 4x4. The wipers quit working. I have checked fuse 33 and fuse 106 and they were ok. I then replaced the wiper motor assembly,and this did not fix the problem. The wiper motor does not work no matter where you set the wiper switch.The windshield washer does not work either,but i do hear a click when i push the button for windshield wash. Is there a relay for the wipers, if so where is it located? Could it still be the switch? Or could there be a wire connection problem? What should i check ?

Hi there


There are two fuses for the wiper system , fuse 33 is one of them but fuse 106 is not ,,


the other fuse you should check is fuse 54 .. see below pics


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so check fuse 54 and tell me if that fuse is ok,


we can go back and forth on this page



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
In my op book fuse 106 is your fuse f2.54. What relay controls the wipers?

The wiper system you have has internal relays inside the wiper motor , and you have replaced the wiper already ..


if you could gain access to the wiper motor conector, and you have a test lamp or volt meter we can do some testing ,, are you up for this ??



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes. i have been a ag. teck for ford/newholland for 25 years.Do you have a test flow chart to diagnose the wiper system?

No i do not have a flow chart , I never use those,, I usaly start with all the powers and grounds to the system first ,, gain access to the wiper motor conector,, and with the key on pin 5 and 8 should have power to them ,,and pin 6 should have a good ground , lets start there


see pic below


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
First i would like to thank you for your help. My circuit #65(dg[dark green]) wire does not have power on it.#8does and #6 has a good ground.

Hat thats great ,,, it looks like we are getting somware ,, we now know why the wiper system is not working,, there is no power on that Dark Green wire,,, and that goes to fuse 54,,, or what you call fuse 106 ..and you said the fuse is good


use your test lamp or volt meter and with the key on , go to that fuse 106 and make sure there is power at this fuse ,, just to make sure


if there is power at that fuse , then we know for sure there is an open somware in the dark green wire from the fuse panel to the wiper motor...


so from the wiper motor , that wire runs through the fire wall ,,through a conector at the fire wall,,, and to the fuse box...


I would take look at the wireing for a brake in this wire ,, if this does find any problem , then take the interior fuse box loose, and gain access to the back of it and find that wire and see if there is power comeing out of the fuse box on that dark green wire, if there is none ,, then the fuse box has a open





chris and 3 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Does the green wire go directly to the wiper motor from the fuse panel? I tested for power at the fuse and it does have power there. I also tested the fuse with a meter, it was ok.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
After following the green wire from the wiper motor back, I found a bad spot in the wiring harness down where the wires lay on top of the fender well. The green wire was badly damaged and lost power. I spliced the wire and this fixed the problem. Thank you for all your help, I couldn't have done it with out you.