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Mat, Ford Senior Master Technician
Category: Ford
Satisfied Customers: 975
Experience:  11 yrs at FLM Dealer, Senior Master Tech 05-present, ASE Master tech, Auto trans & Diesel
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2002 F-250: 7.3 diesel..gas pedal..dash lights..all fuses what

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2002 F-250 7.3 diesel gas pedal does not work & no dash gauges or dash lights. Checked all fuses what could it be?

Mat :

Hi are you online?

Mat :

I am a ford senior master diesel technician and I would like to help you out.

Mat :

Can you start the truck and try to press the O/D cancell switch at the end of the shifter to see if it lights up. Let me know these results

Mat :

Im going to switch to the question and answer section because itlooks like you are not online right now. We can communicate back and forth this way.

Hi Iam concerned about fues 45, lets recheck it to verify its ok. It should power going in and out of the fuse. Here is the fuse #45 details.


F2.45 10A Overdrive cancel switch (7G550), Accelerator pedal position sensor, Four- wheel drive control module, Instrument cluster - Excursion Clutch pedal position switch, Auxiliary Powertrain Control Module (APCM), Accelerator pedal position sensor, Overdrive cancel switch (7G550), Four- wheel drive control module, Instrument cluster - Pickup


Commonly this fuse blows due to a short in the shifter directly on top of the steering column. When the shiter (power to the o/d cancel) shorts out it blows the fuse and then supplies no power to the shifter, Accelerator pedal, 4x4 module and Instrument cluster. This would explain all your issues, if the fuse is blown I recommend checking the harnes for the shifter and repalce it as neccesary. Look closely, sometimes all it takes is alittle pinhole size short that is hard to see. If I was able to help you in anyway please click the accept button so I can receive credit for my time and answer. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to ask and I can assist you further. Thanks and good luck

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