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2004 Ford explorer: park and my brake lights..solenoid..brake switch

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My 2004 Ford explorer will not shift out of park and my brake lights will not come on either and some one told me it was the solenoid switch because it is not the fuse and it is not the brake switch and I need to know if it is and if I can find out how to replace it.

If the brake lights are not working, AND the vehicle will not shift from Park, then the most likely culprti, is in fact, the Brake Light Switch (aka Brake Pedal Position Sensor). This switch is located at the top of the brake pedal arm. Make sure all the fuses are good, and if they are, the only common factor of no brake lights and no Park release, is the brake light switch.


  • Remove the components in the order indicated in the illustration and table.
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    Customer: replied 6 years ago.
    I took the Brake light switch to napa and tested good on ohm meter. Others told me that it may be the solenoid. also the switch is works when i push on it with a screw driver etc.

    If it was the Shift Interlock Solenoid, then the brake lights WOULD work. The solenoid has no bearing on the brake lights. I would double check all the fuses, and check that there are no loose, disconnected or broken wires at the harness for the switch. If the switch works when you use a srewdriver, then it just may be installed incorrectly. Like I say, the only common factor here is that switch.


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    Just doing a little digging... on this vehicle, there is also a Brake Light relay in the underhood relay box. Swap it out with a similar relay, and see if that helps. If so, replace the relay.