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A. Penland
A. Penland, Ford Senior Master Technician, ASE
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2002 Ford F350 2wd crewcab 7.3 diesel. Having problems with

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2002 Ford F350 2wd crewcab 7.3 diesel. Having problems with engine cutting out. will lose engine throttle but engine will go to idle. occasionally the check engine light will come on but only about 25% of the time. Does it up hill more and when the outside temperature is warmer. Some days not at all and other days feels like I wont make it home. already replaced the cam sensor, throttle pedal assembly, fuel filter, oil change. What else could it be or could it be one of the replacement parts I put on that was bad as well. Truck has 261000 miles and is automatic.

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The best thing to do is have the ECU(engine computer) scanned for codes. Any auto parts store will do this for you for free. The codes will pin point what is causing your problem. Throwing parts at the truck only cost more money and grief. Get the codes and post them on this page.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry should have put this on the first message. Have had the truck on 3 different computers. The only code was low voltage on the throttle position or assembly and that is why I replaced it. Is there a computer that would read additional codes that the other ones that I put it on would not? 2 of the computers were from a mechanic from where I work and they work on fire trucks, all diesel and he was a ford mechanic before that. The other one was from a friend of mine who has a friend that owns a garage and put it on his and no code. Even after the check engine light came on??

You need to find a code reader or scan tool that can communicate with the IDM (Injector Driver Module). This is the module that controls the fuel injectors. Regular code readers only communicate with the ECU (Engine Computer). The IDM is separate from the ECU.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Would this likely be something that only the dealer would have ? and could this possibly be anything related to the fuel pump that is on the frame rail?

A newer Snap-on scanner will work with the IDM. Either a Modis or the Solus. These 2 I know of .

The IDM does not control the fuel pump on the frame rail. The ECU controls that. The IDM controls the fuel injectors.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
One more question and I will leave you alone. Everytime the engine light comes on during this malfunction will it throw a code?
Yes, if the check engine light comes on, the ECU will store a code. If you get no code. Try getting the code before you turn the engine off. I have seen some codes go away when the key is turned off and then back to on.
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