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Chuck, ASE Certified Technician
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1995 Ford Windstar: the black rubber hangers that..LX..V6..part number

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I need the black rubber hangers that hold up the exhaust system on a 1995 Ford Windstar LX, 3.8L V6. I can't find them listed on any of the sites online to find a part number/manufacture, etc. In the Haynes book, "Ford Windstar 1995-2001" there is a picture on page 4-18, illustration # XXXXX that shows them,somewhat,but not enough to compare to the pictures on the websites. Right now the exhaust system is just sort of "wired up" to hold it in place until I can find the parts and figure out how to install (sorry-I'm a girl and I didn't remove the broken ones. The person who did is nowhere to be found now).
Chat Conversation Started
Chuck :

If the pic of the 95 they show doesn't look correct pic the ones for the 96 model

Chuck :

but if yours has the metal fingers that the rubber hooks on to then either one should work

Chuck :

Here is a pic of your exhaust if you are looking for no.9 in the pic then the ones on the website are correct

Chuck :

ItemPart NumberDescription
29430Exhaust Manifold
3N808287-S60Nut M10 x 1.5
45K214Muffler and Tailpipe Assembly
55G203Exhaust System Flex Tube
65F250Dual Converter Y Pipe
7N620482-S60Nut M10 x 1.5
85291Muffler Pipe Bracket
95F262Exhaust Hanger Insulator
10N802455-S60Screw M8-1.25 x 28
11U-Bolt (Part of 5K214)
135N212Heat Shield
14Nut (Part of 5K214)
15N806408-S60Bolt M10-1.5 x 29.5
165E241Exhaust Converter Outlet Gasket
19N80677-S60Bolt M10-1.5 x 40
20N807325-S60Nut and Retainer, U
A34-46 Nm (25-33 Lb-Ft)
B15-20 Nm (11-15 Lb-Ft)
Chuck :

Or you could call your local Ford dealer and give them the basic number listed 5F262 and they could order you some

JACUSTOMER-7j31tuc7- :

I think that is the correct part. It doesn't look exactly like what came off of it but I did't get a real close look at them anyway. The ones that came off were put on a year or so ago and probably weren't like the originals anyway. I will order these and see what I can do. Doesn't look too difficult to put on from the picture in the Haynes manual. I haven't crawled under the van yet to see for myself but I think I can do it if I can get the parts. Thanks for your help :-)

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