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1997 expedition. anti-theft light blinking. And wont start.

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1997 expedition. anti-theft light blinking. And wont start. No fuel pressure.
Hello and welcome to!

There is a chip in your ignition key that transmits a code to the vehicle. If that code doesn't match a code that is stored in the computer's memory, it will not allow the vehicle to start (and cause the anti-theft light to blink rapidly while trying).

It is normal for the anti-theft light to blink slowly when the vehicle isn't running.

If the anti-theft is the reason for the no start (rapid blinking while trying to start) then try another key. If you do not have one then one will need to be programmed at a locksmith or Ford dealer that has the equipment capable of doing this. This will need to be programmed to the car, so you'll need to either have it towed or find a mobile service that can come to you. If another key won't allow it to start, then the system will need to be diagnosed, repaired, and programmed by someone who has the proper equipment and know-how (most likely a Ford dealer).

If the anti-theft is not the reason for the no start (light does not blink rapidly while trying to start) them most likely the problem is the fuel pump itself. It is quite common to fail on these just out of the blue. One thing you want to check first is the inertia switch. This switch is designed to stop power from getting to the fuel pump in the event of an accident. It's possible the vehicle has been slightly bumped and that switch was tripped.

This switch is located behind the plastic panel to the right of where the passenger's right foot would be while sitting in the seat. Remove that panel and you'll see a black 'box' with a red button on top. Make sure that button is fully depressed.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Blinking rapidly means its the pats system


" it will not allow the vehicle to start (and cause the anti-theft light to blink rapidly while trying)."


We are a tow company. We had the locksmith come out and key this vehicle with his program. He has been working with us and is very reputable. And I know he has done similiar ford taurus for us.


And yes, mine does flash rapidly

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Locksmith checked with NGS programmer, its ok. When we turn key theft light stays on for 1 second , and then begins to flash. He says somthings wrong with vehicle.
Should have had him scan the system for fault codes while he was there. A common problem on these is the antenna ring for the PATS that mounts around the ignition switch. If this is the case after installing a new one it should just start, but you have to keep in mind there are several other components to this system that could cause this as well. A scan with a scanner compatble with the PATS system should give you a fault code that can help to narrow this problem down.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes we changed the PATS antenna ring, new from dealer


My scan tool says it cannot get a connection

What scan tool do you use? It may not be compatible with the PATS system.

Also check fuse #12 in the interior fuse box. If this fuse is blown the scanner won't communicate. If this is OK, check pin #16 at the Data Link Connector for power.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have a snap on solus