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My 1997 F150 4.6 air con compressor is gone, how do I remove

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My 1997 F150 4.6 air con compressor is gone, how do I remove it ?

Hello and thanks for using Just Answer.I will try my best to help you with your question.


The compressor on your truck is a little tricky to remove. The manifold line that bolts to the top of the compressor can be removed from up top. Use a flash light and look down at the top of the AC compressor by looking at the side of the passenger side valve cover near the front and look down. You will see a 10mm bolt. Use a long extension and a 10mm swivel socket. you can remove the bolt that way. Then unplug the crankshaft sensor, it is located between the AC compressor and the crankshaft pulley. Then unplug the AC compressor clutch on the compressor. And then pull the harness away from the engine. It may still be zip tied to the AC manifold lines on the compressor. Then remove the serpentine belt and then from under the truck, remove the 3 or 4 10mm or 13mm bolts holding the compressor to the engine. The front 2 bolts may come out away from the compressor, but the 2 back bolts will stay with the he compressor till it is pulled away from the engine. The bolts are long and will not clear the front crossmember and frame. Remove the back 2 bolts first then the front 2. The compressor will fit out between the steering linkages and the frame. You can turn the steering wheel either to the right or left to get more clearance for the compressor to come out.

You can use a small 1/4" ratchet to break the bolts loose and then use a ratchet wrench. A ratchet wrench works like a ratchet on one end.


If you have any more questions, please ask.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is it recommended to replace any other parts at the same time you do the compressor?

If the compressor has failed internally, replace the Accumulator (receiver drier) and the orifice tube in the evaporator inlet line, (small line).


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How will I know if my comressor has failed internally or not?

Why do you say the compressor is gone?

Does the compressor disc turn by hand with the engine off? This is the plate on the front of the compressor.

Did the compressor make noise while it was running? Rattle type noise?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No the disc does not turn freely. I can only make it move an inch or so. And no I didn't hear a rattle noise. I had the refrigerant evaced and the compressor froze and wouldn't allow the engine to start.

Ok, then the compressor is bad and will need to be replaced. We always replace the orifice tube and the accumulator when the compressor fails internally. The orifice tube will collect any metal in the system. And they may end up looking like the one below. It has a fine metal screen on it.


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