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99 explorer sport: vin..valve body gasket in transmission- 18 bolt pan

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99 explorer sport with 4.0 and x vin. i was trying to replace valve body gasket in transmission- 18 bolt pan- what is the gasket supposed to look like in good condition?
While under the car found downstream O2 sensor unplugged (check engine light was on
I purchased it this way) Is ther any advantage to leaving it as is or plug back in?

The rear O2 sensor is actually a monitor.What it does is inform the PCM how the catalytic converter is doing. What the PCM does is it looks at the difference in the switch ratio of the front sensor and the rear sensor to see if the cat is working(burning excessive HC's). Normally this is around a 9 to 1 ratio. If it sees the ratios starting to match then it will set a cat efficiency code P0420 or P0430.


If you leave it unplugged it will not hurt anything except maybe a drop in fuel mileage and you will also not pass inspection if this is required where you are.


On the other hand it may have been disconnected because it was sitting a P0420 or P0430 code which would mean you either have a lazy front O2 sensor or a bad cat.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for the O2 info. Anyplace I can find the part number to view the transmission valve body gasket? Or is it the reverse servo plate and gasket- I may be calling it by the wrong name???? The cover gasket is metal is there supposed to be an o-ring?

I am pretty sure you have the 5R55E 5 speed tranny in this model.


Not exactly sure which part you have there here is a pic of the entire tranny









ItemPart NumberDescription
17902Converter assembly - (contains piston type clutch)
2379299-S2Nut - (attaches converter assembly to flexplate) (4 req'd)
37017Shaft - input
47A248Seal assembly - converter hub to converter housing (also in converter housing assembly)
5E804595Screw and seal assembly - M10 x 33 (attaches converter housing to case) (8 req'd)
67976Converter housing
77B472Plate - fluid pump adapter
87A136Converter housing-to-case gasket
97L323Seal ring - fluid pump support
10W701431-S300O-ring - fluid pump shaft to inner gear (also in pump assembly)
117M205Fluid pump assembly
127M155Bearing assembly
137D014Washer - fluid pump input thrust (select fit) No. 1
14W701429-S309MScrew, fluid pump-to-converter housing (6 req'd)
157A248Seal ring - fluid pump
16E825100-S100Nut and seal assembly - hex intermediate and front band adjustment/lock (2 req'd)
177C492Screw - intermediate and front band adjuster/lock (2 req'd)
187D430Strut - intermediate and front band anchor (2 req'd)
197A653Bracket - front band lever to case
207D433Shaft - front band actuating lever
217330Lever - intermediate and front band servo (2 req'd)
227D029Strut - intermediate and front band apply (2 req'd)
237D034Band assembly - intermediate and front (2 req'd)
247L669Drum assembly - front brake and coast clutch
257D404Seal ring - coast clutch and direct clutch piston - inner (2 req'd)
267A548Seal ring - coast clutch piston - outer
277A262Piston - coast clutch
287A480Spring - coast and direct clutch piston (40 req'd)
297A527Retainer - coast and direct clutch piston springs
30E860125-SRetaining ring, 63 mm - coast and direct clutch piston
317B442Plate - coast (2 req'd) and direct (4 or 5 req'd) clutch external steel
327B164Plate - coast (2 req'd) and direct (4 or 5 req'd) clutch internal friction
337B066Plate - coast and direct clutch pressure (2 req'd)
34E860126S/129SRetaining ring - coast and direct clutch plates (select fit) (2 req'd)
357660Adapter - coast clutch to front carrier
367D063Gear - sun overdrive
377B446Carrier - planetary gear front (with trigger wheel)
387L495Bearing - front planet thrust No. 2
397A153Gear - overdrive ring
407C109Shaft - overdrive center
417A658Shaft - center overdrive ring (includes front overrunning clutch 7C109)
42W702037-S300Retaining ring - center shaft in front ring gear
43W702465-S300Retaining ring - center support in case
447M153Bearing - center shaft thrust No. 3, 5, and 9 (3 req'd)
45E826160-S76Nut and cage assembly - (attaches center support to case)
46E804373-SScrew cap (attaches center support to case)
477M101Sensor - turbine shaft speed (TSS)
48W702297-S300Screw - turbine shaft speed sensor
497A130Support - center
507D014Bearing - intermediate brake drum thrust (select fit) No. 4
517D433Shaft - intermediate band actuating lever
527D044Drum - intermediate brake and direct clutch (not available separately)
537A548Seal ring - direct clutch piston outer
547A262Piston - direct clutch
557A527Retainer - direct clutch piston spring
567M154Bearing assembly
577A360Cylinder - forward clutch
587A548Seal ring - forward clutch piston inner
597A548Seal ring - forward clutch piston outer
607A262Piston - forward clutch
617A480Spring - forward clutch piston (15 req'd)
627A527Retainer - forward clutch piston spring
63E860109-SRetaining ring - forward clutch piston and spring in forward clutch cylinder
647B070Spring - forward clutch cushion
657B442Plate - forward clutch external steel (6 req'd)
667B164Plate - forward clutch internal friction (6 req'd)
677B066Plate - forward clutch pressure
68E860115S/118SRetaining ring - forward clutch plates in forward clutch cylinder (select fit)
697D234Bearing - forward ring gear hub thrust No. 6A
707D090Washer - forward clutch thrust No. 6B
71E860122-SRetaining ring - forward and output shaft ring gears to hubs (2 req'd)
727B067Hub - forward ring gear
737D392Gear - forward ring (72 external teeth and 57 internal teeth)
747F374Bearing - forward planet thrust No. 7
757A398Planetary - forward (6 pinion)
76E860121-SRetaining ring 39 mm (1.56 in) - input shell to sun gear assembly (2 req'd)
777D063Gear - sun (forward)
787D064Shell - input
797M151Bearing - low/reverse planet carrier thrust No. 8
80W702037-S300Retaining ring - low/rev planet to low/rev brake drum
817D006Planet - low/reverse (6 pinion)
827B176Sleeve - output
837A153Gear - output shaft ring
84E860527-SRetaining ring 25 x 2 mm - output shaft in case
857D164Hub - output shaft
867C498Drum - low/reverse brake (includes overrunning clutch)
877D001Bearing - part of reverse drum
887C109Clutch assembly - part of reverse drum
897D095Band - low/reverse
907M150Bearing race (2 pieces) - output shaft hub thrust No. 10A
917M150Bearing - output shaft hub thrust No. 10B
927R205Bearing - output shaft to case (part of case assembly)
937B368Washer - output shaft thrust No. 11
947M167Gear - transmission parking
957060Shaft - output (4x2)
967086Gasket - extension housing
977A441Pawl - parking
987D070Spring - parking pawl return
997D071Shaft - parking pawl
1007A039Extension housing (4x2)
1017A034Bushing - extension housing (4x2)
1027052Seal - extension housing to slip yoke (4x2)
103E804137-S72Stud - extension housing (1 or 2 req'd)
104E800152-S72Screw - extension housing (5 or 6 req'd)
1057060Shaft - output (4x4)
1067A039Extension housing (4x4)
107N605804-S100Screw - extension housing to transfer case (5 req'd)
108W701271-S309Nut - attaches outer and inner manual valves to shaft (2 req'd)
1097A256Lever - manual control outer
110N806933-S100Screw - digital transmission range (TR) sensor (2 req'd)
1117F293Sensor - digital transmission range (TR)
1127A308Shaft - manual valve outer to inner lever
113E840125-SPin - spring (retains outer manual lever to case)
1147B498Seal - main control lever
1157A115Lever - manual valve inner
1167A232Rod - parking pawl actuating
1177E332Spring assembly - manual valve detent
118E800185-SScrew detent spring
1197Z409Connector - transmission case (16-pin with wire harness to 6 solenoids)
120W703015-S300O-ring - transmission case (16-pin) connector
1217005Case assembly (model dependent)
122W702981-S300O-ring - speed sensor
123W702297-S300Screw - OSS sensor
124W703165-S300Spring - transmission case (16-pin) connector
1257H103Sensor - output shaft speed (OSS)
126390318-S2Plug - pipe line and EPC pressure (part of case assembly) (2 req'd)
1277034Vent - (4x4)
1287034Vent - (4x2)
129E804533-S201Stud - attaches heat shield to case
1307F013Shield - transmission heat
131N620040-S36Nut - transmission heat shield
1327A160Tube - lube fluid inlet - short
1337D273Connector - fluid tube (2 req'd)
1347D028Spring - intermediate servo and front piston
1357D021Piston and rod - intermediate and front servo
1367D027Cover and seal - intermediate and front servo
1377D040O-ring - intermediate and front servo
138E860343-SRetaining ring - 67 x 1.5 mm intermediate and front servo
139E804357-S76Screw - attaches separating plate to main control (3 req'd)
1407G383Solenoid - electronic pressure control (EPC)
1417G484Solenoid - transmission shift (SS) (4 req'd)
142W702949-S300O-ring - shift solenoid small (13x1.5) (4 req'd)
143W702951-S300O-ring - shift solenoid large (15x1.5) (4 req'd)
1447G136Solenoid - torque converter clutch (TCC)
1457L491Clamp - (SSA and SSC) solenoids
1467L491Clamp - TCC/SSD/SSB and EPC solenoids
147E800155-SScrew - clamp (2 req'd)
1487C155Gasket - control valve body-to-case
1497A008Plate - valve body separating (not available separately)
1507D100Gasket - control valve body separating
1517A100Control valve body - main (model dependent)
152E800154-SScrew - M6x45 main control valve body (4 req'd)
153E800153-SScrew - main control valve body (16 req'd)
154E800163-SScrew - main control valve body (3 req'd)
1557423Seal ring - low/reverse servo piston small
1567423Seal ring - low/reverse servo piston large
1577D189Piston - low/reverse band servo (select fit)
1587L173Gasket - low/reverse servo cover
1597D036Cover - low/reverse servo
160E800156-SScrew - low/reverse servo cover (4 req'd)
161E853163-SO-ring - fluid filter small
1627A098Filter - fluid pan (4x2)
163E853164-SO-ring - fluid filter large
1657A191Gasket - fluid pan
166W701203-S309MScrew - transmission fluid pan (18 req'd)
1677A194Pan - transmission fluid (4x2)
1687A098Filter - transmission fluid pan (4x4)
1697A194Pan - transmission fluid (4x4)
170E800154-SScrew - fluid filter
A-Coast clutch assembly
B-Direct clutch assembly
C-Forward clutch assembly




If you are talking about no. 159 yes there is a gasket no 158 in pic basic no.7L173



The gasket on the other side of the plate(between tranny housing and separator plate no.149 in the pic) is part of the entire gasket which is no.148 in the pic.


However if you need this one the plate and gasket no.148 comes together you can not get these separate.


No.150 you can.

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