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2000 Ford Explorer: 4.0L..V6..the hood and all the hoses

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Hello, I seem to be having a coolant leak on my 2000 Ford Explorer 4.0L SOHC V6. I checked under the hood and all the hoses including the coolant resevior are OK. The leak appears to be running down around the engine block behind the water pump and drip off the bottom of a steel support bracket that mounts a vacuum solenoid and continues down the side of the engine block and drips onto the 2 tranny cooling lines. To much stuff to in the way to actually trace the origin. I have 175,000 miles on the vehicle and as far as I know the water pump hasn't been replaced. I can't see if it's the thermostat assembly either. What do you think it can be? Please give me some suggestions. I would also like if you could send me an exploded view of the engine around the area in questions. here is my email address,[email protected]
Many thanks,
Les Vary
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fordfl :

The most common thing is the plastic thermostat housing starts to crack and cause this you would need to put a pressure tester on the system so you can watch for where the coolant is leaking out.

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Is that all I can help you with?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I just got cut-off replying to you. Is this a simple process? Like I said before I can only see the leak from under the engins and behind the wter pump. Can you send me via email and exploded view of this area in question?



Les Vary

Removal and Installation

  1. Partially drain the cooling system.
  2. Remove the upper radiator hose.

  1. Remove the bolts, water outlet adapter and thermostat.
    • Inspect the O-ring seal.
  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
  2. This is the only picture I have of it and its not that hard to replace.This info is for the replacement of the thermostat but is the same for the housing.
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