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Ford windstar: My air conditioner stopped blowing..vents..cold air

Customer Question

My air conditioner stopped blowing through the dash vents (ford windstar 1998). It continued to work in the back of the car and in the front floor of the car. The fan was blowing but no cold air. AFter hitting the dash board, it started working again Last year,my husband clamped off the water hose that runs to the rear heater to get the air conditioner to run cool after it started putting out hot air in the rear. What could be stopping it from automatically working in the rear, switching from hot to cold and why would the cool air not blow on it's on from the dash vents without hitting the dash
Submitted: 6 years ago via AllDataDIY.
Category: Ford
Expert:  chris replied 6 years ago.

HI there


Your front a/c and rear a/c both use vacuum from the engine to control doors in the a/c system ,, the front a/c uses vacuum to control air flow out the vents, floor , defrost ,etc ..and the rear a/c uses vacuum to control hot and cold air flow ,, so if there was a vacuum leak in the system , the front a/c would default to blowing air out the defrost vents and the rear a/c would default to heat only ... there are two common spots of this unit to have a vacuum leak ,,and since you said that if you bang on the dash and it starts to work ,, then the most likely spot for the vacuum leak that could be causing this problem is the control head ,,, the thing on the dash that has the a/c buttons and controls on it ,,, the slide lever for the rear a/c is known to leak vacuum , and the only way to repaire it is to replace the control head ,,, if you need some info on how to replace the control head then just ask and I will help out ,,, if you have a tool called a vacuum pump then we can use this to test the system ,,,,,,, or you can access the back of the control head and pinch off the vacuum hoses that go to the rear a/c temp control lever ,, they should be two hoses together , one black , one blue , pinch off the black one and see if the front a/c starts to work ok ,, if it does then you known that the leak is in the rear a/c system ,,, then pinch off the blue hose ,, and if the problem comes back ,, then you known the leak is in the control head for the rear a/c


if you need more info ,, just ask , we can go back and forth on this page