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Ford: I have a 2000 Triton V10 chassis under an RV...mechanics

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I have a 2000 Triton V10 chassis under an RV. There is a problem with a computer module that regulates my transmission. It's at a Ford truck dealer with Ford certified mechanics, but I'm told it's going to take a week to get the part. I was also told the part will run around eight hundred dollars. I'm confused by both. Can't imagine it taking a week to get the part unless it's overseas, and can't imagine a computer module for a light truck transmission would cost so much.

Hi JACUSTOMER-xim6v67y-. Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.


Sounds like they are replacing the powertrain control module. Unfortunately the price and availability are within the range that I usually see at the dealer. The price usually runs from $600 - $800. Ford usually does not stock These modules at the local depots around the country. They are a " vendor item" which means they come from the manufacturer. The extra time is for packaging and shipping. I have waited as long as a month for them before.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
When I started this, I was told by a transmission repair facility that sometimes these modules can be "rebooted." I think he called it flashing. How can I make sure that the part actually needs to be replaced completely vice trying to reboot it? What's the right question to ask to make sure?

If I ask for the used part, will have a problem or will they want it to recycle? Is there any value to a used powertrain control module?

In order for me to properly answer this I am going to need more information as to what the transmission symptoms are, any codes stored in the module and what leads them to believe the module is bad. Rebooting a module is simply removing the power from the module and then restoring the power. This will not remedy hard faults in the module, but it will reset adaptive learning tables for fuel control and transmission shift feel. Reflashing a PCM is usually to correct certain shift characteristics of the transmission or to change the sensitivity of monitoring parameters. Again knowing the symptom of your transmission would help here. As far as getting a used PCM, it is a gamble,they usually are not warrantied and it could work for a day or for 10 years. No way of knowing how long it would last.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay. It will go into first and second gear as I accelerate. When going downhill, it'll go to all gears smoothly. It tries to go to the next gear, but the tach goes up and down depending on how hard I push the gas pedal.

Maybe it's just the transmission, but when it downshifts from O/D, it goes straight through 4th to 3rd, running the tach up about 1200rpm.(This is all the time, not just with this computer problem.)I'm real curious about transmission shift feel or correcting certain shift characteristics. Might they be improved with a new PCM?

Don't have any computer codes. They just said this is what it'll take.

Should I ask for the used PCM to make sure mine is new? How big is it?

I'll accept your next answer. This is just extra info for me.
I am not really understanding the symptom. Explanation has me lost. Is it slipping,missing a shift? Shifting too late, too early? The way you are describing the shifting almost sounds normal to me. I'm sure I am just not understanding the problem. You need to have them explain why the PCM is being replaced in detail. What is malfunctioning in the PCM?
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