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JHoop, Ford Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  14 Year Engine Builder,16 years as a Tech HvyLine, Suspension, Electrical, Brakes, 6 Year Shop Owner
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1999 Ford Explorer XLT: 4.0 liter engine..sitting..reliable

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I have a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 liter engine, 165000 miles. After sitting for 2 months, it will not start. How do I get ol' reliable to start and run?
Hello , my name isXXXXX you for choosing

Is there spark present when it will not spark?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi J .... yup, there was good spark. Sorry I forgot to mention that.



Thanks, Paul. I have the factory charts for professional use as well as the wiring diagrams.

Can you give me an idea of your tooling? Experience with diagnosis, so I can get you the best answer as possible?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

J, you lucky guy, you happen to be dealing with someone with minimum experience and tools. I'm a financial guy with a little experience wrenching, but nothing to speak of. I do not have a diagnostic tool, but will look to rent one if you suggest it. I am pretty good at thinking things through, and at following direction.



OK. No worries...I don't fix microwave ovens. LOL

Did you remove the battery to charge it?

Is the security light on or flashing?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Actually J, I trickle charged the battery while it was in the car originally. I didn't have too much faith in it, and just put in a new battery this morning before changing out the plugs. The engine spins like a banshee, but the plugs remain dry, so no go.


I just checked the security light, and yes it does flash.

Alarm issues. Yessir. Do you have the key fobs? Is there an entry disarm plate under the drivers door handle?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

As to the key fob .... ya know, I just saw that thing somewhere. It could be at my office and I can check tomorrow, but it isn't here at home in any of the usual spots.


And to the entry disarm plate .... are you speaking of the exterior door handle or the interior handle?? I do have a numbered key pad on the outside, but I don't have a clue what the code is.



OK ..We are on to something here.

Disconnect the battery.

Reconnect it. Open the door tomorrow with the hand held fob.

If it does not open it, lock and set the alarm.

Wait 2 minutes. Unlock and start the truck.

If you have any more questions or need any diagrams, please don't hesisitate to ask If this answer helped you, please click ACCEPT.

If you have a deposit but do not click ACCEPT you will STILL be charged, but I don't get credit! Not clicking ACCEPT hurts the Techs that help you! Thanks, JHoop
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi J. It's me again with the 99 Ford explorer not starting problem. I have tried the solution you suggested last evening, and here is what I have found. The alarm system does not seem to be disarming and the ford still won't start. I followed your instructions, disconnected the battery, reconnected, armed the system, left it over night, attempted to disarm it this morning, but the flashing theft light will not go out. Re-armed the system, left it for about 5 minutes, attempted to disarm again .... unsuccessful. Turned over the engine and it is still not starting.
One thing I forgot to mention was that the drivers door handle is very loose and I don't think the lock mechanism is functioning properly. I can't lock the drivers side door with the door lock button, or the key fob. This has been this way for some time and never caused a problem before the battery drained completely. The theft light still continues to flash, even after I attempt to start the car. What do we do now??
Great info.

In the latch mechanism is the door jam switch. It is a vital part of the anti-theft system.

There is a real good chance that the jam switch is not sending a signal to allow the system to disarm.

I recommend having the jam switch replaced or repairing the latch mechanism. JHoop