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Re 2006 Ford Taurus check engine -- code My service engine

Resolved Question:

Re: 2006 Ford Taurus check engine -- code

My service engine soon indicator came on -- not blinking just stayed on. Went to an auto parts store to check the computer code. Code was P2272 which said "02 sensor signal, stuck lean-Bank; 2 sensor 2. Check engine light (MIL) is off. There is 1 code. 8 of 8 readiness monitors are complete."

The sales person sold me a $53 Bosh Premium Oxygen Sensor and said it was easy to install.

After taking the checking the computer code, the light has gone off and stayed off.

1) What did the code mean?
2) Does a sensor need to be replaced?
3) Is there more than one sensor -- if so, how do I know which one to change?
4) Where is it located on the car?
5) Is it going to be that easy to replace?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  J EARL replied 6 years ago.
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hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX ill try to help what engine is in your taurus


the code means either to much air is entering the engine or the o2 sensor is stuck producing low voltage, you will have to do some test to see if the sensor needs replacing, yes you have 4 o2 sensor in you car you have two on each bank of the exhaust one in front of each cat converter and one behind each cat converter, depending on which sensor your changing it could be hard the one you have a code for is bank two or the side of the engine closest to you when you stand in front of the car after the cat depending on the engine and if it is a flex fuel motor it may be hard to change hope this helps contact me if you need futher help


It is NOT a flex fuel motor -- what other info do you need about the engine/motor -- and what test has to be done to determine if the sensor needs replacing?


your have a v6 3.0 motor but i need to know if it is a 12 or 24 valve motor and the test that you can due is see is it had a vacuume leak


J Earl:


The manual doesn't say how many valves the motor has.


It sounds like you are telling me I have to go to a mechanic to determine what the problem is -- Is that so? And the light did not come back on after I checked the code -- so does that mean the problem went away, or does the light stay off after the code is checked?

Expert:  J EARL replied 6 years ago.
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Expert:  J EARL replied 6 years ago.

are you still there



Expert:  J EARL replied 6 years ago.
this code will set for either a bad sensor or a vacuum leak
Expert:  J EARL replied 6 years ago.
well before you take it to a mechanic you can do some test yourself
Expert:  J EARL replied 6 years ago.
the problem probably did not go away rather when you retrieve a code it is very easy to clear it it may take 2-3 to come back on if it comes back on at all
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