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tacomatech, ASE Certified Technician
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97 Ford ranger 4X4: windshield wiper &..stopped working..multifunction

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I have a 97 Ford ranger 4X4 and the windshield wiper & washer have stopped working. I have replaced the GEM ($280.00!) and the multifunction switch. No luck. Have obtained electrical drawings and grounded the lines to the GEM from the washer and wiper relays and both worked. I trust that the GEM sends out a signal to the mulit function switch and that switch modifies the signal and sends it back to the GEM, and after processing it determines just what to do with the wipers & washer and then completes a ground path for the relays. Is this correct? and what else can I possibly do or test? I have put much time into this, any help would be most appreaciated! Thank you. Michael
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Noah :

Hi, my name isXXXXX when you ground the relays directly, both functions work?

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Have you checked the ground path coming out of the GEM? There could be more than one. This is something I tend to do before I recomend any control modules. You are going to want to see aboud 0.5 ohms or less from the conector to the negative side of the battery.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Noah, yes I checked the grounds out early on in the troubleshooting venture, sorry that I forgot to mention it earlier. One thing that I noticed was that when I pulled plug #C1 from the GEM and measured the voltage going into the multi function switch I got about 10v at pins #22 & 13 and about 8.4v at pin 21. If I am reading the schematic correctly (which I may not be) pin 13 is an input to the GEM and the 8.4v may be canceling out the modified signal from the switch. What do you think? Is there a schematic for the GEM?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Noah, Sorry for the silence, my family and I have been on vacation for the last week plus. As for the problem, one thing to note is the wipers and washer did work when I grounded pins # XXXXX & 24 from GEM plug #1. Also, this problem started right after a Trans. clutch R&R, so I double checked the connectors that were disconnected during the process, primarrialy the transfer case plug as it goes through the GEM. I am pretty much at a loss on this! Did you get my post from Wed, Aug 04 @ 8:03 PM? My son will need to take this back to Oregon State U. so we will be doing the "Rain-X" thing on the windshield. Thank you.

Michael N