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Category: Ford
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1988 Ford F150: I remove & install rotors..locking..hubs..diagrams

Customer Question

How do I remove & install rotors for a 1988 Ford F150 4x4 Manual locking hubs? I need diagrams & tools required please.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  marcpod replied 7 years ago.

Welcome here is some help if you need anything just let me know.

  1. Raise the vehicle and install safety stands.

Lock Ring And Adjusting Nut Removal

  1. Remove the locking hubs.
  2. Remove the wheel lug nuts and the wheel and tire from the hub and rotor assembly.
  3. For vehicles equipped with Dana modelXXXXXaxle and manual hub lock, remove the adjusting nut with spanner locknut wrench. Apply inward pressure on the locknut wrench to disengage the adjusting nut locking splines and turn the nut counter-clockwise to loosen and remove the nut from the spindle. For vehicles equipped Dana model 44 with automatic hub locks, Dana model 50 and modelXXXXXaxles, remove the outer locknut, lockwasher and inner locknut with spanner locknut wrench.
  4. Remove the brake caliper and secure it to the frame to prevent damage to the brake hose. To prevent damage to the hose or the caliper, do not let the caliper hang only by the brake hose.

Hub, Disc And Outer Bearing Removal

  1. Remove the hub and disc assembly. The outer wheel bearing cone and roller assembly will slide out as the hub is removed.

The recommended wheel bearing lubricant is lithium-base grease. Sodium-base grease is not compatible with lithium-base grease and should not be intermixed. Usage of incompatible bearing lubricant may result in premature lubricant breakdown.

  1. Lubricate bearings with lithium-base grease or equivalent. Clean all old grease from the hub. Pack the cones and rollers. If a bearing packer is not available, work as much lubricant as possible between the rollers and cages.
  2. Position inner bearing cone and roller in the inner cup and install grease seal.
  3. Carefully position hub and disc assembly on the spindle.
  4. Install outer bearing cone and roller, and the adjusting nut or locknuts and lockwashers. NOTE: On Dana ModelXXXXXaxles, the metal stamping on the adjusting nut must face inboard (towards the spindle). Make sure the inner diameter key on the nut enters the spindle keyway.
  5. Adjust the wheel bearings.
  6. Install the locking hubs.

For additional information see Installation Notes.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
pics did no come through