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1996 E350: a 460 V8 and the ABS hydraulic control unit failed

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I have a 1996 E350 motor home with a 460 V8 and the ABS hydraulic control unit failed. Is it driveable this way? How much would it cost to repair it and what is involved?

When the HCU Unit has failed the braking system in theory reverts bake to standard braking, but I have see isolated issues where the ABS has an unexpected application and prevents the vehicle from properly coming to a stop ( false activation ), and that is not a comfortable feeling. It may be drivable but braking can be an issue. Depending on if you need the HCU and the ECU it can get very pricey. The option here is a used part , go to Car-Part .com shop local or regional for a used part. I have included screen captures of the site.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Just need a little more advice. I said I owned this RV but I dont yet although I am seriously considering buying it. Present owner says she has driven it this way (not sure how long).

Should I buy it this way if everything else is ok and try to drive it without the ABS. I need to drive it from Mich to Florida if I buy it in Mich. Looking at the various prices you gave me what would be a "reasonable cost to repair this".
Road test it and make sure you apply the brakes often, the false activation will happen usually under 10mph, so take your time in a subdivision making sure to come to a complete stop many times. Look the guy square in the eyes and ask if he has experienced false activations. This could be $500 issue or a $1700 issue, stand your ground and make sure you let him know what this might cost to fix properly.
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