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I have a 5.4L F150 2004 and I took it apart because the timing

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I have a 5.4L F150 2004 and I took it apart because the timing chain tensioners were broken, I forgot to mark the cam sprokets and crankshaft and they moved when I removed the chains. I used the SECTION 303-01B: Engine — 5.4L (3V) 2004 F-150 Workshop Manual IN-VEHICLE REPAIR and matched the marks just like the manual, but the truck does not start. What are the correct marks exactly: currently: driver side the L mark is about 1pm. the passenger side I mark is about 12 oclock(it looks like it's about 1145 or so, but the chain marks line up perfectly)

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When you had the chains off did you mark the chain itself by lying it flat and marking the single link at on end and the two links at the other end?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes I did, and the new chains do have 3 colored links for the crank and for the sproket. The old chain links lined up to the new chains.
Ok so when you put the chains on was the single XXXXX XXXXXned up with mark on the crank gear and the double links were on either side of the L on the left head and on either side of the R on the right head.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, the driver side sproket or cam gear had an L and the passenger side had an I.

OK so the right side had 3 mark in this picture?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes, it had the bottom mark, right side means passenger side.

Alright so it does sound like you have all the marks lined up correctly.

When you crank the engine does it seem to be a normal crank. Steady and does not seem faster than it used to?

When you installed the trigger wheel for the cranks sensor it should of been marked with either front or rear, was this installed correctly?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
When it cranks it cranks normal, it just doesn't seem like there is any combustion. I don't know if the marks are correct. LH(driver)- about 1pm (the L mark), the RH(passenger) at about NOON, but it looks a little bit before NOON like 1145. and the crank key is at 12 oclock, is this right. I read somewhere that the crank should be about 10 oclock (with the mark at 6 pm) and the two cam gears mark at 90 degrees from the plane of the head. Does this mean at 12 oclock also or what is the plane of the heads. Or is this statement completely inaccurate?

The plane of the head would be parallel to the flat surface of the head. As far a clock positions go, they are only good for getting close to where the marks need to be. The only true way to accurately time the engine is with the marks on the chains and gears. If you followed the procedure as you said then the cams and crank should be in time and going back and forth with you it sounds to me that you have it timed correctly. If it was off by one or two teeth it would still start, but it would run pretty bad.

I am thinking your problem is with something else like a possible crank signal concern or something else that may have been disconnected that may have been missed during assembly.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Is it possible that one of the cam gears moved by 1 revolution and now even if the timing marks are correct, the engine wouldn't be timed correctly? or is this not possible. Or is there another way to see if the cams are correctly, like the crank at TDC and the cams or something else at a different angle, because what if one of the cams rotated more than the other, because the chain snapped when it came off the gears and the cams moved, i just don't know by how much? is this possiible?

The cam gears can only go on one way. They have dowl pins that go into the camshaft and can only go on one way. Usually when the move when removing the chains, they only move a matter of 3 or 4 teeth.

The only way to check if the cams are timed correctly with the front cover still on is as you are doing it with the clock positions and this can only give you an idea that you are close. If you have the crank pulley at TDC and the cam marks are pretty close to the picture below, then even if you are off one or two teeth it should start.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The mark on the Pulley at TDC or the mark on the crank, because here in the picture the crank keyway is at 12 oclock, which means that the pulley mark is not at TDC.
Sorry my bad having the keyway at the 12 o'clock position provides clearance for the valves in case the cams are rotated while the chains are off. So the alignment for the cam markings needs to be with the keyway in the 12 o'clock position.