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2004 f350 super duty 6.0 has trouble codes p0232 and p0263

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2004 f350 super duty 6.0 has trouble codes p0232 and p0263 the truck starts idle is a little ruff not horrible but no power and ruff running barley go up a hill this truck has 89000 miles is work truck for landscape always pulling a trailer or heavy load

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The two codes help alot here. They are for a secondary fuel and #1 injector. I have encountered this problem before and after looking over the pinpoint test we both say fuel pump. The fuel pump will get bad and start the limit fuel to the injectors. #1 is furtherest away from the pump so it will get less fuel. Its possible that you have both a fuel pump and injector going out but since the main issue is the pump fix that first. It is on the frame rail below the drivers door. Its in that fuel filter housing

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
fuel press. test was 50 psi. @idle an KOEO was 1psi. Chilton said 0-45 KOEO 45-55 KOER and there was good volume.. So is it just the injector or something else
If you have good fuel pressure then yes you have a injector problem. I would replace the #1 injector. Its the first one on the passenger side
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK i have changed the #1 inj. repair went well no prob. after it ran for about 10 min there was a code P0262 inj. #1 high, the truck then started to running a lot rougher put into gear an it was even worse , then code P0232 fuel pump came back ran really rough for about another 10 min. then it would not even rev up the throttle did nothing it died now it will not run......Any idea PLEASE

Were did you get the injector?


You may really need to change the fuel pump and regulator.


Do you hear a clicking noise under the hood for a min when the key is first turned on?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
inj. came from autozone an there is a clicking noise . Is there a chance of a hydo lock even if it ran as long as it did.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the inj. is a cardone when the inj. was replaced i pulled the glow plugs an turned the engine over with a remote starter switch, to drain the cyl. when the repair was complete i then changed the oil. today i pulled the glow plugs again an cyl. #7(last one on pass.side) Does not seem to have as much compression as the rest when turned over with the starter switch. What should i do now ??? Could this have been the prob. all along
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
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Im sorry as my internet has been down. Why did you take the glow plugs out. A 6.0 does not need to be drained. Its not like the 7.3 But anyway so you replaced the injector with a autozone injector and the problem is still there?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I thought it was only the 7.3 but just to be safe i pulled the glows out an it was dry. if the truck will start it runs very rough but once it dies it wont start again for a couple days.the codes r p0262 an p0263, when i had it running an the scan tool on it i noticed that the engine load was at 98% @ idle not sure if that is relevant an when the throttle is applied it doesn't have much response while its runnin the engine rattles very loud almost sounds like its going to blow up Ive been told that with these codes an symptoms it is a short in the harness Ive looked over the harness and haven't seen anything. Not sure what else to do or try! Have you ever seen this happen before also the injector is made by cardone,

p0262 and 263 is for the #1 injector. Did you see if the copper gaskets was on the tip and the orings were on? Is it hooked up? Just wondering.


I have never bought a autozone 6.0 injector. They have been all Ford so i have no experience with the cardone injector. I dont know if they are made good or are reman injectors. Im trying to think about more possibilities but the injector and fuel pump still are stuck in my head. Make sure the wire is on and not chafed anywhere

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK hope this will help the truck has not started in two days well just tried it an it started an runs almost perfect i didn't drive it but in the yard it has almost full power the only code is the original p0263 it had these symptoms a week ago didn't run for 3 days then started ran half the day quit i did the inj. an no improvement then didn't run an now for no reason its running again .. hope you can shed some light on the issue cause i got nothing!!!!!
Well this is the thing its giving you a #1 injector code. Since you have replaced the injector with no improvement then you either have a bad wiring problem or a bad computer. You cannot rule out a bad new injector, carbon build up, or the ficm computer. Honestly the next step is when the truck runs rough get someone with a scan tool to look a power balance. Then perform a compression test. This will see if the cylinder or injector is weak. Also since this is a weird problem and it comes and goes you might have a wire problem. Make sure the wires are all the way in the connector and the connector is on in the ficm. The fuel injector control module is located on the drivers side valve cover. This puts voltage to the injectors. If everything looks normal then i would recommend carrying it to the dealer were they have the right tools to pinpoint the problem. Its hard to diagnoise a diesel over the computer
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK I have a Snap-On Solus scanner i will look at the balance, the compression test I'm working on now,as well as the wiring. After all that if there's no improvement. To the dealer it goes!! Thank you for all ur help i really appreciate it .
IM sorry that we could not fix it. Let me know what happens