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Mitsubishi eclipse: 02 3.0 stalling when hotcodes crank sensor..egr

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mitsubishi eclipse 02 3.0 stalling when hot
codes crank sensor came sensor egr and more
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Well the stalling problem is more than likely a result of the crank sensor code.
I see a lot of failing crank sensor causing stalling issues. Especially when hot.
For starts, replace the crank sensor and see if the stalling ends. (It should)graphic
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you but my question is stalls only when coming to stop, and not all times set crank sensor code some times EGR code if you can give more inf. thankyou.
well if you are having stalling at idle, here is what you need to do.
First, clean out the throttle body.
If the vehicle still stalls after the throttle body, check the IAC (idle air control)
Test the resistance of the four windings inside the Idle Air Control (IAC). Each winding should have 28-32 ohms at 70 degrees. To check the resistance of the four windings, unplug the 6-way connector from the IAC. Consider the 6-way connector as 2 rows of 3 cavities. Connect one ohmmeter lead to one of the center pins in a row of 3 cavities. To check the first winding, connect the other lead to a pin on either side of that center pin. To check the second winding move the outer lead to the pin on the opposite end. To check the third and fourth winding, check the other row of 3 in the same way. Replace the IAC if any of the windings are not 29-32 ohms To check for being stuck, remove the IAC from the throttle body. Using a 9 volt battery, jumper the positive terminal of the battery to the two center terminals of the IAC. Use this sequence to ground pairs of terminals: Step 1. Terminals 1 and 4. Step 2. Terminals 3 and 4. Step 3. Terminals 3 and 6. Step 4. Terminals 1 and 6. Step 5. Terminals 1 and 4. The pintle of the IAC should turn slightly when each pair of terminals is grounded. Repeat the steps going from step 5 to step 1 to check rotation in the opposite direction. One row of terminals is numbered 1-3 and the other row is numbered 4-6 with terminal 4 under terminal 1. Replace the IAC if movement is not detected when each pair of terminals is grounded.
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