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Tim West
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99 Ford contour: blower motor..v..hood fuse/relay box..Starter relay

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99 Ford contour, Have lost all power to blower motor. I show 12 v at the under the hood fuse/relay box, power in run supplied by Starter relay. This should at least give me high speed fan. After that nothing. Have no V at resister block, blower motor, or dash control unit. I had everything running ok, when returning home, turned off the car, then realized I wanted to hear what the talk show host was going to say. Turned key to Accessory position and run position then back to acc position. Since then, no fan at all.
Online support talks about checking the A/C fuse. Only one I know about, is at the fuse box under dash, 30 amp, blower motor. fuse is ok and I have no 12v to it. My wire harness color code does not match what I have, but no problem.
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What size engine do you have?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the 60A maxi fuse, # XXXXX for the a/c in the underhood fuse box for voltage and make sure it is not blown. raise the fuse box and check for corrosion on the Red wire on the output side of fuse 3. If no voltage is present, the problem is likely an open circuit in the underhood fuse box. For harness concerns like cracking or shrinking insulation.
In most cases replacment of the fuse box is required to make this fix.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK, I could only get that out part way before. Will go at it more vigerously.
Ok let me know
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Found a burnt +V wire feeding the internal fuse/relay box. Will have to shorten till I find good wire, reconnect and see what goes. Took fuse/relay box appart and there was minimal damage there. The red wire was discolored for about 3 in.. May have to replace that one. Just guessing on what caused it. Maybe to much current draw , or dirty connection. Weeks earlier, I had forced the the relay for the a/c clutch to stay enguaged long enough to take in coolent. Maybe that weekened that wire connection. Oh well, I think I got it. Thanks.
Great, I am glad I could point you in the right direction.
Let me know if this fixes it. If not, let me know and I will work again to help with this problem. Overall satisfaction is my goal and I will work hard to get paid.
Thanks and let me know.
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