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How do you remove the ignition actuator on 83 ford f150

Customer Question

how do you remove the ignition actuator on 83 ford f150
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  jimchill replied 7 years ago.
Hello And thank you for using Just Answer. Can you be more specific on what needs to be replaced on your pick up truck? Also do you have a tilt steering column? Thank you, Jim
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the auto part store sold me an ignition actuator. it looks like a "C" with a rod coming out of the back of it. i though i needed a new ignition, but they said with the problem I was having i needed the ignition actuator. i thought my ignition was going out because when i would start the truck the ignition used to stay in the start position and i would have to manually turn the key back a little bit so the truck wouldn't keep trying to start while it was running. they one day it wouldn't let me turn the key back to stop the truck from starting i had to disconnect the battery. i could turn the key all the way back and remove the key and the truck would still try to start. a few months ago i replace the starter and the solinoid(or however you spell it) so i don't think those are the problems. and since i had previous problem with the ignition figured it had to be something there.
Expert:  jimchill replied 7 years ago.
That is the part I thought you might be talking about. The best way to do this is to reove the column and take it apart on a bench. I will send you the instructions shortly. Jim
Expert:  jimchill replied 7 years ago.

Remove steering wheel. Remove column from vehicle. Remove turn signal lever. Drive out pivot pin and remove shift lever on automatic transmissions. Remove steering shaft lower flange and retaining clamp.
Remove lower bearing retainer. On automatic transmissions, remove shift tube retaining rivet from bottom of shift socket and withdraw shift tube from bottom of column.
On all models, remove lock drive gear. Remove turn signal switch screws, wiring harness to column clips and switch and wiring harness from column.
Remove cover casting screws. Remove casting from column. Unhook upper actuator from lower actuator and remove.
Remove and discard screws attaching lower flange to outer tube. Loosen ignition switch retaining screws and remove ignition rod from switch end.
Fig. 4: Exploded View of Tilt Column Assembly
Withdraw tilt mechanism, steering shaft and ignition actuation rod from steering column upper end. On automatic transmissions, remove shift socket. Remove key release lever mechanism to tilt mechanism on 4-speed manual transmission models.
Attach PRND21 ring to tilt mechanism on automatic transmissions. Attach flange extension and key release mechanism to tilt mechanism on manual 4-speed transmissions.
Install shift socket on automatic transmissions. Install tilt mechanism, feeding the steering shaft down the center of the column and the ignition switch actuation rod through the shift socket/flange extension along the top of the column outer tube.
NOTE:Care must be taken not to change the length of the steering shaft on Bronco and Pickup because of the telescoping feature.

Install flange retainer assemblies using new hex screws. Install lower bearing retainer. Attach ignition switch loosely to the outer tube.
Connect upper and lower actuators. Install cover on column. Install turn signal switch and wiring harness in steering column. Attach wiring harness to steering column clips.
Install 2 screws attaching turn signal switch to the flange casting and one screw attaching warning buzzer terminal. Install turn signal lever. Install lock drive gear. Install lock cylinder with key in "ON" position.
Install the retaining pin flush with cylinder. With ignition switch mounting nuts loose, clip the switch through the opening in the side of the switch casting. Center the switch on the actuation rod.
Tighten retaining nuts and remove clip. Install shift lever and pivot pin. Install turn signal lever. Install steering column and steering wheel.graphicgraphic