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99 E350: wiring diagram..all the fuses, and turn signal relay

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I am not getting power to the green wire for the right brake and turn signal light for my 99 E350. Is there a wiring diagram, or reason for this? I have checked all the fuses, and turn signal relay. I traced all of the connectors under the truck, and have had no results.

the right brake/turn feed circuit wire is the orange/light blue wire, which comes from the orange/light blue wire from the multifunction switch. If you have a green wire then likely the wiring has been tampered with and you will need to remove the steering columncovers and check at the multifunction switch on the orange/light blue wire to see if you have power on that wire when the circuit is activated, if so then i would suggest doing away with the green wire you have and running a new wire , or splicing in that orange/light blue wire into the green wire where accesible. Below i have also posted all 3 brake/turn signal circuit diagrams for you to aid in circuit testing, hope this helps you.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The green wire is in a factory 4 pin plug to the back (where I started my testing). It all appears to be factory. I have a White ground wire, Yellow for the left, green for the right, and brown for the tail light. That is at the back part of the frame where it splits off. I will crawl back under there and look for the orange and light blue wire. Is it possible that someone connected these to the trailer harness instead of the actual chassis harness? I am going to start tracing now. I should notify my phone when you respond.

The wire colors you are referring to sound like trailer connecter wiring, is this correct, that you are testing the trailer tow connecter? Please advise me If the right turn/brake is inop on the trailer connecter or the vehicle itself. The orange/light blue wire is the feed wire to the right taillight , the green wire is the feed for the right trailer connecter to feed the trailer lights.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It would appear that when Fleetwood connected the tail lights up after the conversion, they used the trailer connectors as the actual tail light connectors for the vehicle itself. If you could come up with a reason for the turn signals to be blinking quickly, and the brake light not to be working on one side when a trailer is hooked up that would be the cause of my problem more than likely. I have checked the grounds, and fuses for everything. But, it would appear this is something I am going to just have to spend a lot of time tracking down the butcher show that is fleetwoods wiring to fix this. They are hooked into the ford factory harness for the trailers though. So, it's probably some fuse I am missing under the hood, or just a random issue related to fleetwoods splicing. The issue started when I connected a trailer to the thing, but didn't correct itself when I disconnected the trailer.