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my powersteering fluid coming out through the lid in the reservoir,

Resolved Question:

my powersteering fluid coming out through the lid in the reservoir, 94 ford escort.
it did it on previous pump (while making some noise which was not too loud) for some time till it drained all the way and obviously pump got shot.
I installed new pump (from junkyard) that worked just fine for a month (noise never went away completely but it wasn't much) or so and now the liquid starts to leak through the top again.
I did flush the system by pumping out the reservoir and putting new quality flush fluid, did it twice.
There is no other leaks except thought the lid
It's start's leaking out after car been driving and warmed up good
System still works, except of course for the slight noise and leak

What should I do and if it's too complicated, as a plan B
Can I just get rid of pwr sterring? I can drive fine without it. (If I take A/c and pwr steering pump, can I use the Belt from the base model, will it fit??)
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Lurch replied 7 years ago.



It sounds like there is still air trapped
Bleeding cannot be done without the use of a Air Evacuator
You may be able to Rent (usually free) tool from Auto Parts Store


Here is procedure

  1. Air trapped in power steering system may be removed with power steering pump air evacuator assembly vacuum tester(NNN) NNN-NNNN or equivalent.
  2. Do not use engine vacuum to purge power steering system.
  3. Remove reservoir cap.
  4. Check and fill reservoir to cold fill mark with suitable fluid.
  5. Disconnect ignition coil wire, then raise and support front wheels.
  6. Crank engine with starter motor, then check fluid level. Do not turn steering wheel.
  7. If fluid level has dropped, fill reservoir to cold fill mark, crank engine with starter motor while turning steering wheel lock to lock, then check fluid level.
  8. Install air evacuator rubber stopper tightly to pump reservoir, then connect coil wire.
  9. With engine at idle, apply 15 inch Hg maximum vacuum to pump reservoir for a minimum of three minutes , as air purges from system, vacuum will decrease, maintain adequate vacuum.
  10. Release vacuum, then remove vacuum source, if fluid level has dropped, fill to cold fill mark.
  11. With engine at idle, apply 15 inch Hg maximum vacuum to pump reservoir, turn steering wheel from lock to lock every 30 seconds for about five minutes. Do not hold steering wheel on stops when turning. Maintain adequate vacuum.
  12. Release vacuum, then remove vacuum equipment. Add power steering fluid if required and install cap.
  13. Start engine, turn steering wheel, check connections for leaks.
  14. If severe aeration is indicated, repeat steps 7 through 13

Plan B will lead you to stiff Steering, as the Front End is set up for assist

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