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2004 f-350: 6.0L..diesel..the fuel pump when the key is

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I have a 2004 f-350 6.0L diesel that will not start. I am not hearing anything coming from the fuel pump when the key is in the "on" position. It is supposed to make a "whirring sound" for a few seconds and it is not. I need to find the ignition fuse and the fuel pump relay as the next step on my adventure but I can not find a diagram of the engine compartment fuse/relay center. Neither my owner's manuals nor my chilton have the diagram. There are two boxes. One has two relays in it; the other box has about five components. I'll be testing each one individually if I can figure out how to test relays with my wal-mart volt meter until I hear otherwise. I have come to this point because my batteries are new, the inertia switch seems to be down as far as possible still and this seems to be the next step. If I hear "the 6.0 is a piece of crap and just get rid of it" one more time i'm gonna drag this thing off a cliff

Hi there,

The 6.0L is far from that, It is a very good engine that just needs a some care and maintenance by persons familiar with the engine.

The common failure in your current scenario described is the fuel pump itself. All you need is a good test light to test the current to the pump at the connector with it still plugged in. The way I do this is simply back probing the two wire connector with 2 (opened partially) paper clips sharpened on a bench grinder to make a fine sharp probe. Then from the wire side pushing in along side the wire slipping it in past the seal to contact the wire pin. Then placing the test light across the two clips turn the key on and you should have power for 15 seconds. If so you have a froze up pump and the whole module needs replacing. It is cheaper than the individual pump.

Let me know if you need anything at all further.


Ron Wiggins

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks alot Ron. I forgot to mention I had just replaced the fuel pump/conditioning module with an almost new one. This is still a possibility however. I will sharpen some paper clips and shove em in there and see if my light tester lights up. I'd still like to know where the relay and fuse is because the volt meter is telling me that I am getting some power to one of the terminals in the plug.


Give me a couple mins and I will get the layout pasted here.


OK here are a couple schematics showing the layout of fuel pump power routing. As you can see there are more than one fuse and more than one relay that control power to the pump, and usually like I said this is not the problem.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

excellent thank you so much. I just tried the paper clips into the back of the plug as well as into the holes with the plug pulled out. The light (which i tested on a battery to make sure it was working) did not light up. I was testing the terminal that was vertical- not the horizontal plug which plugs right in next to the drain hole at the bottom. I am assuming that the bottom plug is for the water in fuel indicator. thanks again,



did you get the schematics ok?