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ignition switch problem in 2000 ford focus. Key wont turn

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ignition switch problem in 2000 ford focus. Key won't turn -- steering wheel locked

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This is a fairly common issue with a Focus which generally starts by having a worn out key and over time the ignition will become harder and harder to turn which eventually leads to a completely locked up ignition. The cure is to have the ignition lock cylinder rebuilt which a dealership price for the kit is $150 - $200 plus the price of a new key which is around $45 plus a half hour labor for the time to have the key programmed. The total cost is generally somewhere in the range of $300 - $400 depending on the place doing the work and what all is involved. A fair time for a fully locked up ignition is 1.5 hours. To get the car to start a few more times you can try to hit the key while it is in the ignition with a small hammer, then try to turn the key. If the key is hit too hard you can break the end where the chip is at, this does not matter a whole lot as the key will most likely be junked once the rebuild is done, but be careful as it helps to not break the key to prevent more issues to get the car started from the chip being broken out. If the wheel is locked this will make it a little tougher to turn the key as you will be fighting the lock cylinder and the wheel lock while hitting the key to turn it. If you can still not get the key to turn the other option is to use a slide hammer to break the lock cylinder out, if you are not careful you can break the steering column which will cause the whole column to have to be replaced. Or you can pull the steering column trim off and drill out the lock of the cylinder, which may require to pull the steering wheel. If you have any questions please let me know! Thanks once again for choosing Just Answer!

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