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I changed my transmission fluid in my 1986 ford f150 4.9l l6

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I changed my transmission fluid in my 1986 ford f150 4.9l l6 300 i used one litre of lucas and two 80/90 and its even harder to shift oh and it the four in the floor why would it make it worse
Probably because the fluid your truck calls for is not 80-90 but standard transmission lube part number D8DZ-19C547-A, it may be a thinner lube, plus the lucas is like mollases which further thickens the lube. Thanks for the question and have a great night!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i thought lucas was suppose to be good for every thing. so should i change it again or will it work it self in
Was the Lucas, specifically manual gear oil, or automatic trans oil?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it was oil stabalizer it says on the bottle for engine oil, manual trans, and diff oil so i put it in all three i put like 20% in engine 40% in rear diff and like 1/3 or like 30% in tranny
describe the concern with shifting please
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it kinda makes a slight hum now and it doesnt wanna down shift in to second i have to pull slow and realitly hard till it finally goes in at about 25 kh and when it goes in its like it has two steps it goes in half way stops and goes in the rest of the way it also seems that third is hard to find now. i had to go in slow into slow before but not like this.
Probably your blocking rings and or synchronizer hubs are worn, if this was only a cold morning condition I could blame it solely on the fluid, I will say, that if you changed the fluid and only the fluid and it got worse, then it wouldn't hurt to get some of the above part number I provided you and change it out.
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