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Tim, Ford Technician
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98 Ford Explorer: V6..Fuel Pump not priming at start..Relay clicking

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98 Ford Explorer V6 SOHC. Fuel Pump not priming at start. Relay clicking but pump not running. Swapped relay with horn relay -same part number - but no change. Checked schrader valve and no fuel pressure on fuel rail. Checked inertia switch and that did not need to be reset. I have not checked voltage at pump connector yet or voltage at inertia switch.

What do you recommend? I'd like to isolate to either fix or before I tow it to a mechanic.

Will the truck start and stay running if you spray starter fluid in the throttle.If it does than the check valve in the pump is bad and not holding pressure in the fuel line for start up. You can also check that by cycling th e key 5 or 6 times from off to run slowly and letting it stay in run for 3 ro 4 seconds before going to off.if is a valve issue the pump should prime doing that and the truck should start.If it does than you need a pump.If it doesn't than check for power at the inertia switch if you have power there when cranking than you either a bad pump or no voltage from the switch to the pump. 99% of the time if you have power at the switch you will have power at the pump.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I do not hear the pump running when I turn the key to the run not start position.
Than it is not a prime issue but an actual pump issue. Check for power at the switch and if you have power than the pump is bad and will need to be replaced.To replace you will need to remove the fuel tank and replace the pump. If you do not have voltage let me know and we can check further in isolating the issue.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
<p>I am at work now so can't check voltage until later this afternoon. Is there a way I can get you back later if I have more questions? Specifically is there a way to request you via Just Answer?</p><p> I'm going to Accept and give you good feedback but I wanted to know how to get you back before I close this out.</p><p> </p>
You can request me for any questions in the future. For this issue you can reply back to me on this question until we resolve the issue even after you press accept. But make sure you only press accept once so you do not get charged twice for the same question.
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