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1992 Ford Explorer, has no dash lights, the mirror controls

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1992 Ford Explorer, has no dash lights, the mirror controls only work left and up, no down or right, both mirrors. Switches look OK no broken wires or connectors. Also has power seats, driver side for sure, that have the same problem in that they only go in on direction. Motors work but only in on direction. It is also suposed to have four wheel drive, electrically activated as well. No lights or action there either. I think the fuse has been left out for a reason...


Lets address the problems one at a time.

The mirror problem is the switch. If both mirrors only move up and left, then the switch will need to be replaced. The wiring and the mirrors are ok.

The dash lights might be the dimmer switch on the headlight switch. Try turning the dimmer switch and see if the dash lights come on. If not, check fuse #13 10 amp fuse in the dash fuse box. If the fuse is good, check for power on both sides of the fuse with the head lights on. If no power, then replace the headlight switch.

The power seat is a tricky one. First move the power seat switch in all directions. If you hear the motors run, but the seat does not move, the power seat track will have to be replaced. If you do not hear the motors move in all directions, then the power seat switch will need to be replaced.

As for the 4x4, check fuse #9 20 amp fuse in the fuse box under the hood. Let me know if the fuse is good and power on both sides of the fuse.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

By dash lights, I ment, all indicator lights, ie Check engine light, ABS light, Brake light, etc., as none of them work, including the lights to see speed, tach, air, radio etc.


Mirror switches are OK, I can set both mirrors, but only in the same direction, the left mirror can rotate left, and the right mirror can rotate left, but neither can rotate right.

The same is true for the up direction, they both move up, but not down. Is there a control module, four power transistors operated by the CPU via switch logic, that controls more than one motor? The seat control that works, seems to have the same problem, the seat side will go up, ie motor runs, but not down, motor does not run. Mirrors are the same. All the switches are in the arm rest, I have visually inspected the assembly and all the shrink tubing is in good condition.


Most fuses are use inline, why would power be able to be sensed via a volt/ohm meter, on both sides of the same fuse?

Ok. On the mirrors, the switch is the problem, no module.

Both mirrors move in only the same two directions. This means your mirror switch needs to be replaced.

The seats and the mirrors work separately from each other.

In 1992, the mirrors and the seats were separate from each other. Below are the diagrams for both of them.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I am the thrid owner of this vehicle. The interior fuse box lid is gone. Do you have a schematic for the layout of the fuses and relays, and what they go to, such as turn signals etc.? I have pulled the window switch assembly.


Positions 4 and 8 are shorted together. Either Position 5 or 6 is shorted to 4 and 8 depending on the position of the R / L switch. Are the switches in the Switch assembly N.O. or N.C.? I would think that they would be N.O.

Backside of Switch


This leaves contacts 1,2, and 3. Can you match up the numbers to their places on the schematic that you sent.


I found one fuse, in the PDB in the engine compartment, missing, for the electric shift for the FWD unit. Is their a relay that the sw on the dash would opperate?


I visually rechecked the fuses under the dash. One at the 'bottom' looked burnt, the lable for the amps was damaged, which doesn't appear to be fuse #1, which on the schematic seems to power the dash stuff.

As for the mirror switch, below is a diagram of the connector and the circuit numbers and the wire colors going to them.


Compare it to the diagram I posted earlier.

But 99% of the time, it is a bad switch if both mirrors only move up and left.

The switches are not that expensive.

Below is a diagram of the fuse box under the dash.


And this is the fuse box under the hood.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have checked the fuses. They seem intact. I have fully charged the battery. I saw a left turn signal and the seat belt indicator. I am trying to pass smog. Where exactly is the 'Check Engine' light located on, in, or under the dash? All of the indicator are very dim. I checked all of the turn signals outside and all are working fine. And where on the wire harness is the 'Check Engine' light located? And what fuse is supposed to be suppling the 'Check Engine' light? There seems to be a lot of resistance in the circuits. What wire colors belong to the 'Check Engine' light circuit? The flashers work, yet I don't see the indicators.


As an aside to the mirror switch,... when I opened the arm rest and removed the mirror switch, I found two relays, two fuses, and a klough of wires, some of which are very short, and not well connected. So, do you have a source for the wire crimp connector terminals, that are locked into the terminal block, into which the copper posts from the power lock switch, and window switch module plug into and make connetion? And the tool(s) and instructions to remove the old ones, so as to be able to insert the new wire-to-post connector terminals recently crimped onto a longer wire?

There are not supposed to be relays behind the drivers door panel. There are only switches for the power windows, door locks and the power mirrors. Also no fuses are behind the door panels. It sounds like you may have an added on alarm system that is no longer working. This alarm may have been installed in the 1990's, because no one installs this set up anymore. Can you possibly take a digital picture of the wires and relays and post it on this page so I can better see what you are seeing?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You didn't answer where the Check Engine light is located, or where I can find the crimp parts and the tools to remove the old ones.

Crimp tools and connectors can be purchased at any auto parts store.

The check engine light is located in the instrument cluster.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

OK, tools yes, standard Fast-On's, yes, but what about these?




Wire Connector in Terminal block, in driverside armrest.


This is not a standard wire connector. This connector slips into position, then locks into place. The 1/8 diameter copper post from a switch block fits into this.


Any suggestions?

Ok. Those are factory wire pins for the switches. The best way to get them is to find another Explorer and cut the switch connector off and splice it into yours. Ford no longer supplies those pin connectors or the harness connectors for your truck.
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