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1999 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer: anti-theft system..Key fob..alarm

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1999 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer with anti-theft system. Key fob does not work. If I open the door the alarm will go off; further the engine will not turn over unless without hitting the key fob. How can I turn the alarm off? How can I turn the engine over.
You can try by locking and unlocking the drivers door or cycling the key in the ignition 3 times this should reset your anti-theft. Jim
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
But, as soon as I unlock the door with the key, the alarm will go off? How do I stop that?
Are you using the same key you always use? Try the ignition.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have not tried it yet. The truck is at home. I am at work.

So you think that I should just open the door with the key, we know the alarm will go off.

Then I should put the key in the ignition and cycle two or three times? I replaced the battery in the key fob yesterday; the key fob will not work. the little button is damaged, I guess. My thing is, I don't want to open the door and just have the alarm blaring for hours.

By cycling the key you will reset the alarm and the anti theft of your explorer. When the battery goes dead you will have to have it re programmed at the dealer. If you replace the battery when it is still ok you have like 15 seconds to remove and replace it with the new one without having to re program it, but if it is broke you know that you will need to get one and program it. JIM
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I just want to be clear. Are you saying " the alarm will STOP blaring, when the key is cycled in the iginition?"

Yes it will stop when you do that. BUT if you have a problem with the anti theft module, wiring etc. it will not stop. But you most likely will be ok, I just don't want you to be mis led or angry in case you have another problem where the alarm keeps going off. I could only imagine the names I would be called and we never met. LOL. 99% percent of the time it works and its not like a trick or anything as it explains in your owners manual to do this also. Thank you, Jim
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok. Thanks. I seriously dont think there is any prob with the alarm. It is simply that the key fob itself is inoperable. Since it is the device that quiets the alarm & also lets me start the engine, I just wanted to be assured that the alarm would not just stay ON for hours. Further, I wanted to be sure that I could turn the engine ON. I can't get to my owner's manual, because of course it is in the glove-box in the locked vehicle.

Thanks for your help. PS. Do you know where the over-ride for the alarm is, somewhere underneath the dash?

If its a factory system there is no override under the dash, If youhave the factory ford fob its a factory system and cannot be over riddin with out the use of the factory computer diag tools. Jim
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks! That explains it. You are a professional, you are the ONLY person that seems to know that! Thanks
Thank you and I hope all goes well. I am sure it will. Jim