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1989 f250: i change a broken ignition switch

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How do i change a broken ignition switch in a 1989 f250 truck thats been broken in such a manner as to not except key? I have a new switch already, just not sure how to remove the broken switch...

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To remove the old lock cylinder move it to the run position if possible. Then take a long pick or something small enough such as a toothpick and put in in the small hole that you will notice somewhere on the column below the ignition lock cylinder. If you cannot turn the switch you may need to take a small drill bit and drill out the lock mechanism on the ignition lock cylinder. Where the small pin hole is what you are trying to do is push a small ball which is the size of a 'BB' (a bb like what you shoot in a bb gun) and by putting the ignition to the run position this allows the ball to push up freely. If the switch will not turn then the drill method will allow the ball to not hold the ignition in place and will allow you to pull it out.


If you do not see the pin hole you may have to remove the steering wheel to get the lock cylinder out.


If you do not see the pin hole let me know if you have a tilt wheel or non tilt steering wheel and also if you are able to turn the ignition to the run position or not. I will give you the instructions for the other method depending on what option you have and if you can turn the ignition cylinder or not.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I see no hole, there is a switch under the sterring wheel but the steering wheel does not tilt. it's a standard transmission, so the column doesn't move.. Cannot turn switch at all. thanx

I have attached the information you will need to help with removing the ignition lock cylinder.




Steering Wheel Removal Instructions


Column Removal Instructions (may not need)


Ignition Switch Removal


Ignition Switch Adjustment Instructions


If you have any questions let me know!