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Ford Taurus: The right rear door..wagon..mechanism

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The right rear door on our Ford Taurus wagon won't open from inside or outside. How do you remove the trim to get to the mechanism to fix?

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A better idea would be to remove the back seat , as this will allow you enough room to get to the screws. It will be a tight fit to get in there to remove the seat but it can be done. If you need instruction for the seat and the panel let me know . I will send them.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Ron,


Thanks for answering. Removing the seat won't help getting at that third screw. It is up near the glass and when I pull on it, I can see that the third screw is part of what is holding the trim on. Also, looking at the left rear door, I see no screws at the bottom that would need to be removed. I felt through the carpeting, thinking the screws were hidden by the nap in the carpet, but I could not feel any.

Any suggestions?





Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.



The bootom is held on with push pins , and they snap off. I have enclosed the instructions in hopes that it will help you.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Ron,


It would really help if you could tell me the easiest way to remove the seat. I haven't removed a seat from a car in 35 years. Also, what about that third screw, it is the one just under the words "rear door trim panel".






The bottom cushion is removed by pushing in on it and pulling up at the same time on each side. Once you have the bottom cushion out the back cushion is held on with 2 bolts , one one each side at the bottom. If you can get a screw driver on the screw you may have to get under it and pry it off.
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