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Operating temp..a 6.0 powerstroke..towing..head gaskets

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What is the normal engine operating temp for a 6.0 powerstroke when towing a fifth wheel? Mine runs from 190-230 when climbing, and I just had the head gaskets changed.


The normal range for the 6.0l engine when towing is usually around 190 to 212,but it all depends on ho w heavy the load is and what the ambient temperature is,it is possible to run up to 230* and not have a problem.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The ambient temp has been in the 60's. Summer is coming and I am a full time RVer and tow my 36' fifthwheel all over with ambient temps in the 90-100+ range. With a new thermostat (what is the temp setting on the standard thermostat?) and new head gaskets it seems to still be running to hot. When does the temp gage go to full hot? I have a Banks system with the computer IQ, and it gives me a warning before the truck does.
The temp setting on the new thermostat is set to open at 195*.If the engine is not overheating it may be a faulty gauge or temp sensor,I would suggest you have it hooked up to a scan tool and monitor the ECT reading and the EOT(engine oil temp) reading,they need to be within 12* of each other when under load,if the difference is greater then the oil cooler is restricted and restricting flow through the EGR cooler,this causes the coolant in the EGR cooler to super heat and causes th e engine to run hot.The fix for this is to replace the oil cooler with the new core service kit.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks. The oil cooler was changed about a month prior to the thermostat and head gaskets, due to an oil overheat problem. I am leaving Las Vegas on Monday, headed to the Mojave Desert in CA. That should be a good test.

Yes that should be a good test,just keep an eye on the level in the Degas bottle and don't let it get low,but don't overfill it,the correct level is just below the top mark on the bottle.
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