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2006 F150 XLT: the wrench light came..drove..light went..TPS

Resolved Question:

2006 F150 XLT SCREW 5.4L 62000 miles

About 2 months ago the the vehicle hesitated and the wrench light came on an eventually the MIL light illuminate, busy at work so I drove it for two weeks worked fine with the MIL light on, eventually the MIL light went out, with no external reset. Pushed the TPS connection cable felt a click. The vehicle ran fine for about a month now the wrench light/hesitation came back on and the MIL light came back on pulled code P2135, reset the MIL the vehicle worked fine for about two weeks, now I get the wrench light and hesitation, no MIL light yet - just seems to be in the cool damp morning.
1)Is this the TPS?
2)On earlier model (2004) when the TPS was changed the PCM required reprogramming - is this true for 2006 and later models?
3)Is there a quality aftermarket replacement or should I stick with Motorcraft?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Brian replied 7 years ago.
This code is directly related to throttle position sensor, but more accurately, it is a fault in correlation between tp sensor A & B, with the drive by wire system there are two tp sensors that compare with each other as the throttle is pushed and released, I would recommend to replace the throttle body assembly which comes with both sensors and throttle actuator, there is no programming required to replace this and everything is all set up so it is just a simple bolt on process.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Where can I find a schematic of the TPS circuit - I have the shop manuals, but did not look through them that carefully - I'm curious

What is this reprogramming on earlier TPS

Expert:  Brian replied 7 years ago.
There was a service bulletin for reprogramming the PCM for codes P0505 and/or P0506, with a hesitation and low idle problem. This was also designed to prevent sludge build up in the throttle body. If you haven't had your PCM reprogrammed it is a good idea to have it done to update your computer to the latest calibration, but it wouldn't fix your concern.
C101 C102A C102B C103 C104 C107 C108 C109 C110 C111 C112 C113 C114 C115 C116 C117 C118 C123 C124 C125 C130 C131 C132 C133 C134 C135 C137 C139 C140 C141 C142 C143 C144 C145 C150 C152 C160 C162 C167 C168 C169 C171 C172 C174 C175B C175E C175T C177 C180 C181 C182 C183 C184 C185 C186 C187 C188 C189 C190 C193 C194 C196 C197A C197B C202A C202B C202C C211 C212 C213 C214 C218A C218B C219 C220A C220B C228A C228B C233 C236 C238 C248 C250 C251 C252 C253 C256A C256B C257 C270A C270B C270C C270D C270E C270F C270G C270H C270J C270K C270M C270N C270P C271 C277 C278 C280 C282 C284 C286 C289 C290A C290B C290C C291 C294A C294B C298 C299 C300 C310A C310B C312 C313 C314 C315 C316 C329 C330 C334 C335 C339 C341A C341B C341C C350 C353 C356 C357 C359 C364 C365 C369 C372 C373 C383 C405 C410 C411 C431 C433 C434 C435 C439A C439B C450 C451 C452 C455 C461 C462 C500 C504A C504B C505 C521 C523 C524 C525 C526 C527 C535 C602 C603 C604 C605 C608 C612 C615 C701 C702 C703 C704 C715 C726 C801 C802 C803 C804 C820 C828 C901 C904 C906 C907 C909 C911 C912 C921 C929 C932 C949 C980 C1021 C1023 C1033 C1041 C1043 C1065 C1068 C1073 C1078 C1100A C1100B C1100C C1100D C1107 C1110 C1126 C1127 C1177 C1180 C1181 C1182 C1183 C1184 C1185 C1186 C1196 C1277 C1286 C1291 C1303 C1311 C1366 C1367 C1368 C1442 C1449 C1450 C1451 C1452 C1454 C1475 C1512 C1513 C1514 C1544 C1545 C1546 C2003 C2004 C2008 C2015 C2023 C2024 C2026 C2031 C2033 C2035 C2047 C2090 C2092 C2095 C2108 C2135 C2150A C2150B C2185 C2235 C2251 C2286 C2358 C3007 C3008A C3008B C3015 C3020 C3042 C3043 C3050 C3051 C3063 C3064 C3065 C3066 C3133 C3134 C3135 C3137 C3138 C3139 C3145 C3146 C3149 C3201 C3202 C3205 C3206 C3238 C3241A C3241B C3245 C3246 C3276 C4009 C4010 C4011 C4012 C4032 C4035 C4074 C9036
Base Part #
PinCircuitGaugeCircuit FunctionQualifier
1357 (YE-WH)20Throttle Position Sensor TPS signal 2
21857 (YE-WH)20Throttle position sensor TPS reference voltage
31858 (PK-OG)20Signal return
4355 (GY-WH)20Throttle Position Sensor TPS signal 1
Available Pigtail Kits
Pigtail Kit Part Number WPT-205
Service Part Number: 3U2Z-14S411-UA
Gauge: 18
Pin material: Gold
Cavities: 4

Vehicle Uses
  • Sensor - Fuel Rail Pressure
  • Sensor - Fuel Tank Pressure Transducer
  • Sensor - Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)
  • Sensor - Throttle Position
This is the best picture I found, let me know if this helps. There are some connector numbers that are attatched, disregard these. (all the c---- #'s)
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