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2000 ford explorer: power windows..drivers side..all fuses..relay

2000 ford explorer, power windows... Show More
2000 ford explorer, power windows inop, 4 door no window work, replace drivers side main switch still not working, check all fuses, however not sure which relay powers window circuit, and could not find circuit breaker.
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Greetings and welcome to JA! I will do my very best to assist you with your problem.

Check the maxi fuse #4 under the hood and fuse #26 inside the truck. If you have already checked both of these, please let me know. Sometimes the fuses under the hood get missed. Check it out and let me know!

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
Customer reply replied 7 years ago.

As i mentioned, fuses have been check, and are good, Need to know if system has

circuit breaker, and if so where located, power window relay? where is that located?

Inform me please, give me something to go with.

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.

I am showing the relay behind the center of the dash. There is also a gem module lactated behind the dash. You should see power on a tan/yellow wire going into the gem. If you do then the GEM is no good.It supplies the power for all of the windows.

If it is easier, you can start by checking power to the master switch. Light blue/bl;black wire should have power.

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.

confirm there is no power to master switch light blue /black wire, could not find gem module, without disassemble dash. there has to be some more information

I have looked for a diagram for you in Mitchell with no success. I am going to open it up for the other experts.Don't reply or it will lock the question to me.
If you have no power on the light blue/black wire than the most common problem is the wire is broke between the door and the body.Pull back the rubber cover and lightly tug on the wires and see if you can pull the light blue/black wire out. If it is broke it is easier to repair one end with a extra piece of wire and than feed that wire inside to were it is broken it will come out by the E Brake pedal.Than you can reattach to th e interior wire and your windows should work.