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I retrieved a P0299 code from my 05 excursion 6.0 psd. Do

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I retrieved a P0299 code from my '05 excursion 6.0 psd. Do you know what that is?

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The code for your truck is a turbo underboost problem. This can be caused by a couple of things. One the turbo is full of carbon deposits and is not letting the turbo open and close correctly. Second could be from a bad vgt sensor in the turbo thats no allowing the vanes to work. Lastly it could be a egr valve sticking or a exhaust backpressure sensor bias. To perform the pinpoint test you will need to take it to Ford as they can run the turbo test. This checks the mass air flow sensor, map sensor , egr test, and the turbo test. I would personally take out the egr valve out first to see if its full of carbon. If so replace

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