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Scott W.
Scott W., Ford Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  28 yrs. experience as Ford ASE Master Technician. Accolades include being a 2005 Ford PTS Regional Finalist and 2006 ASE Ford National Technician.
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Engine lopes in idle. I there could be a number of reasons,

Resolved Question:

Engine lopes in idle. I there could be a number of reasons, but could not having a cat. be one? The guy I bought it from said it was plugged and blew the right exhaust manifold gasket. So he pulled it out and put regular exh. tube in it's place.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Scott W. replied 7 years ago.
Hello my name isXXXXX has there been any repair attempts for this concern? Did this happen all at once, or over a period of time?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well he said he did the manifold and the cat at the same time. He also had replaced the cyl 6 coil pack because it went bad. The truck has 237,000miles on it. I cleared the codes with my scanner and ran check on all the sensors. It's been a week since I've cleared the codes and nothing has come up.
Oh and THX for the tip on dropping the steering column it ended up only being a 30min job replacing the shift lever tube and plunger with that technique.
Expert:  Scott W. replied 7 years ago.
No problem on the column issue, I would check for vacuum leaks and pay particular attention to the pcv system, those hoses and elbows tend to rot and leak, try spraying around the intake with carb cleaner and see if the idle changes when a leak has been found. You may try clean the MAF sensor with maf cleaner also.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No luck with the pcv system or carb cleaner sprayed around the intake. Could it be the EGR valve?
Expert:  Scott W. replied 7 years ago.
Yes it could be, if at idle there is too much egr flow will definately cause a rough idle, check for vacuum at the egr hose while running, there should be 0 vacuum, also if the egr tube is hot to the touch after running at idle this is verification there is egr flow at idle, just be careful and don't burn yourself. If there is flow, remove the egr valve and inspect for sticking valve or chunk of carbon in it. Any more questions just ask, Thanks Steve W
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Should I hear a sucking sound from my gas cap?
Expert:  Scott W. replied 7 years ago.
It is not uncommon to hear a little sucking when removing the cap, if there is a lot of vacuum, then the canister and canister vent solenoid should be checked for blockage causing the excess vacuum build up, These can plug with normal driving with dirt causing a excess vacuum, if bad enough it will turn the check engine light on.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I checked the EGR tube and it wasn't hot. Should the engine stall out when I pull the tube off the plastic intake that goes to the EGR valve? The engine will sometimes stall out from a cold start if I only turn the key and not give it any throttle. It starts right back up on the next ignition cycle, without giving it any throttle. Could that be the fuel filter is going bad?
Expert:  Scott W. replied 7 years ago.
No the engine should not stall when the egr hose is disconnected, it should run real rough or stall when vacuum is applied to the egr valve. The stalling concern from a cold start could be the IAC (idle air control valve) sticking, not allowing enough air flow, you may try cleaning the throttle body and IAC and see if there is any change in the start up, and may help with the idle lope also, if it helps, I would replace the IAC valve instead of cleaning, cleaning is a temporary fix. Any more questions just ask, Thanks Steve W
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So is the EGR bad too?
Expert:  Scott W. replied 7 years ago.
It doesn't sound like yours is from your description, doe you have any way of testing for trouble codes?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
There still aren't any codes. There were 3 codes but I cleared those because that was from the cyl 6 coil pack going bad, but is now replaced hence the reason for clearing the codes. I bought the truck 3 wks ago. I have repaired the shift lever selector assembly and the engine air filter element (dated 09-09-07). The truck has 237,000 miles on it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I plan on changing the in-line fuel filter, should I replace the fuel pump and tank filter too?

As for changing the engine oil/ filter what should I use being that there's over 230,000 miles? Should I get an overhaul? Should I get the trany rebuilt? But my biggest concern is to get the engine running smoothly before I start rebuilding the rest of the truck.

Expert:  Scott W. replied 7 years ago.
Changing the fuel pump wouldn't be a bad idea, since all the miles, the engine oil, just use a name brand oil and the viscosity it calls for on the decal on radiator support. Having the engine or transmission rebuilt is up to you, you know how long you want to keep the vehicle, you may consider remanufactured engine or transmission since Ford offers a excellent warranty on both, just another idea. Any more questions just ask, Thanks Steve W
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What would the cost differences/ advantages be between a rebuild vs. remanufactured?
Expert:  Scott W. replied 7 years ago.
The difference in cost depends on exactly what needs to be repaired during the rebuild on both the engine or transmission, usually a rebuild is slightly higher because of labor, the advantages of a re manufactured from Ford, is the warranty, the transmissions carry a 3year 100000 miles warranty and engines the same. This would be a decision you have to weigh on how long you will want to keep the vehicle and if the cost of the repair along with vehicle value, will you drive it long enough to recover some of the expense of the repair, if the vehicle is in good shape, and you plan on driving for at least 100k, then this may be a good repair and piece of mind with the warranty. Any more questions just ask, Thanks Steve W
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