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Ford Focus: RPM...9 months but seems to be getting more pronounced

Customer Question

Ford Focus 2007 - I have a vibration that seems to synchronous with the engine RPM. It is not a heavy car shaking vibration. It has been with me for over 9 months but seems to be getting more pronounced. The vibration can be felt in the steering wheel, the arm rests through your arms and on your feet. With the car in gear or out the vibration is there and no matter what speed. At higher speeds it cannot be detected with the car in gear.

My local auto tech has looked at motor mounts, OK, and is doing a minor tune up, plugs, and a carbon burn out (??? not sure this is right term).

The vehicle did not exhibit any of this kind of phenomena when new up until, as I said, 9 months ago. The car has 95,000 miles but 80-90% of those miles are at highway speeds, 65-75, twice a day between Dayton and Columbus, approx. 1000 miles per week.

I have kept the maintenance of the vehicle current according to recommendations.

Can you suggest anything that I should look at??

Should I be concerned?

Thank you very much.

Joe Makowski [email protected]
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Scottdagoalie replied 7 years ago.

Hi JACUSTOMER-xu37ng8-. Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.


The most common cause of these vibrations are caused by a weak cylinder caused by a leaking valve.I recommend doing a compression test of the engine to find out if one or more cylinders are lower than the rest.It doesn't have to be a big drop in compression to cause the vibration.If you find a low cylinder,you will need to do a leak down test to find the cause.