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Ford Contour: airbag light..flashing..its safe to drive it..fix

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My Ford Contour '95 airbag light is flashing like this: ffppffpppppffppffpppppff....I would like to know what is the problem and whether it's safe to drive it before it gets fixed. I would also like to know if I could fix it myself. Thank you!

Hi 3udb91s this is lostrider, the flashing of the air bag light is a code for the fault, here is a description on how to read the code, need you to tell me what the code is and then we can go from there with the diagnosis and repairs.

Air Bag System Functions

  • The air bag diagnostic monitor (14B056) illuminates the air bag warning indicator for approximately six seconds when the ignition switch (11572) is turned to RUN and then turns it off. This indicates that the air bag warning indicator is operational. If the air bag warning indicator does not illuminate or if the air bag warning indicator stays on or flashes at any time, a fault has been detected by the air bag diagnostic monitor .
  • Diagnostic trouble codes may not be displayed for approximately 45 seconds after the ignition switch has been switched to RUN. This is the amount of time it takes the air bag diagnostic monitor to perform all tests and verify any system faults.
  • Diagnostic trouble codes are displayed as a series of flashes and pauses of the air bag warning indicator. Each diagnostic trouble code, or series of flashes, represents a two- digit number. For example, a Diagnostic Trouble Code 32 is displayed as follows:
    • Flash flash flash - (one-second pause) - flash flash - (three-second pause)...
    • flash flash flash - (one-second pause) - flash flash - (three-second pause)...


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I told you how the light is flashing, that is flash flash-pause-flash flash-four or so seconds pause, and the cycle repeats over and over. The question is how can I fix this and is it safe to drive the vehicle at all with the light flashing?

Thank you for the reply, then what your telling me is its a code 22, the code is for the safing sensor that is mounted in the right kick panel, here is the testing procedure for the code, it can be a bad sensor, the air bag monitor or a wiring concern, you will need a Volt/OHM meter to do the testing, the car is safe to drive with the light flashing or on, the air bag system is disabled when this occurs, so if the car is in an accident the air bags will not deploy, and they will not deploy with this concern prematurely. you will have to do the test to find the failure, hope this helps.


The Safing Sensor is located behind the bottom of the RH kick panel.




The Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor is located in the center underneath the instrument panel.


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