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2002 Ford Escape: headlight assembly..water? Drivers side

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How do I remove a 2002 Ford Escape headlight assembly that is full of water?

Driver's side. Sorry.

Here are your instructions for removing the headlamp assembly.


First you have to remove the front bumper cover.


  1. Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information
  2. Remove the six pin-type retainers (three each side).




  • Remove the four front bumper cover bolts (two each side).





  • Remove and discard the two front bumper cover-to-front fender pin-type retainers (one each side).




    5.If equipped, disconnect the fog lamp electrical connectors.

    6.Remove the lower front bumper cover bolts.





  • Remove the pin-type retainers.




    8.Lower the vehicle




    9.Remove the two upper bolts (one each side) and the front bumper cover

    Headlamp Assembly


    Removal and Installation

    1. NOTE: Make sure that the headlamp switch and the ignition switch are in the OFF position.

      Remove the front bumper cover. For additional information
    2. NOTE: Pull headlamp assembly forward to access electrical connectors.
    3. Remove the headlamp assembly.
      1. Remove the three bolts.
      2. Loosen the nut.
      • Disconnect the electrical connectors.




    Customer: replied 7 years ago.

    Ok, I got the assembly out and drained the water. I can't seem to find any cracks.

    Any idea where these headlight assemblies leak? Could it be one of the bulb holes?

    It could be around the seems. You can try and get some sealer and seal around it,but due to the labor involved getting to it that would be something you would have to think about.

    I guess you could try if you access to shop air,submerge it in water with the light bulb hole up and shoot some air into the headlight and see if you can get some bubbles to see where it may be leaking.

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