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Ford E-450 super duty: dash,headlights & dome..dome lights..solinoid

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I have 07 Ford E-450 super duty , I turn the key and nothing happend, I changed the Battery and still nothing . The dash,headlights & dome lights all come on and is bright as usual. I can start the engine by jump starting the solinoid. we checked the block fuses under the hood for start relay and they were good ,Even swapped fuses around to check. Please help me out Thank you Mark



Do you have a 12V test light or voltmeter and an owner's manual?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes i have it



Go to page 174 of the owners manual and locate the starter relay(relay K).


Remove the relay and take your test light or voltmeter and check for power on pins 86 and 30,the pins should be numbered on the bottom of the relay. Then check for ground on pin 85.


How this works is fuse 33(10amp) in the under dash fuse panel supplies power to pin 86 and the PCM supplies ground to pin 85,this is the coil side of the relay.When the coil side of the relay gets power and ground this energizes the relay which then creates a magnetic field which then pulls the switch side of the relay pins 30 and 87 closed so power on pin 30 can flow to the starter solenoid on pin 87.


Pin 30 gets it's power from fuse 18(60amp) in the under hood fuse panel.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We have tested the relays and we are only getting 3.6 volts on pin 30 of relay K but we have 12 volts on pin 30 of relay J which feeds off the same 60amp fuse as K. , We do get 12 volts from ignition to pin 86 of relay K



Relay J is the accessory delay relay it gets it's feed on pin 30 from fuse no.7(60amp) in the battery junction box.Not the same feed as K.


But the feed on pin 30 of relay K does feed fuses no. 23(10amp),no.26(20amp),no.3(15amp),and no.5(15amp) in the battery junction box. See if you have 12V across all of these.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok we checked voltage , Fuses 26 , 5 , 3 has 3.6 volts and fuse 23 has 0 volts the 3.6 volts are comming from pin 30 also.



You will now need to access the battery junction box. You will need to remove the lower panel from it so you can get to the bottom of the fuses. Then check and see how much voltage you have on the dark green wire on fuse 18 there. if you have 12V there you will need to trace it to splice S1028. This is located in the large harness that runs from the battery junction box beside the auxiliary relay box to the fire wall.This splice shows to be right where this harness meets the firewall. If it is easier you can try and located the splice first and see if you have it there before accessing the battery junction box.


It goes from this fuse on the DG wire until it reaches this splice then it goes to the starter relay and the other fuses.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Chuck, we had no fuse in #18, we removed the 60 amp fuse out of # XXXXX and put it in #18 spot and now the truck starts and everything else works. Question Chuck, Do we need the 40amp fuse for # XXXXX as shown for the advanced trac with RSC, I have a Gasoline truck.



Where did the fuse for 18 go? It had to have had one?


You could drive it with out a fuse in 19 until you can get one but I would replace it as soon as possible that advanced trac and RSC is a nice feature esp. on a vehicle this size on a slick road.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My Camper was in storage for 6 months, I am thinking now that someone might have swiped it, Theres plenty of campers like mine in there. I will have a fuse put in tomorrow morning for # XXXXX Chuck I cannot thank you enough for your help with this situation I really mean it THANK YOU,

You are welcome glad I could help.


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