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How do you replace a rear main seal on a 1995 Ford F150 straight

Resolved Question:

How do you replace a rear main seal on a 1995 Ford F150 straight 6, 2wd, manual, 4.9 L
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  jim replied 7 years ago.

NOTE: If crankshaft rear oil seal replacement is the only operation being performed, it can be done in the vehicle. If the oil seal is being replaced in conjunction with a rear main bearing replacement, the engine must be removed from the vehicle. To replace the seal only, proceed as follows:

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable from battery, then remove the starter motor.
  2. Disconnect the transmission from the engine and slide it back.
  3. On a manual shift transmission, remove the clutch assembly.
  4. Remove flywheel attaching bolts and remove the rear cap (main bearing) and flywheel.
  5. CAUTION: Avoid scratching or damaging the oil seal surface.

    1. Use an awl to punch two holes in crankshaft rear oil seal. Punch holes on opposite sides of crankshaft and just above bearing cap-to-cylinder block split line. Insert a sheet metal screw in each hole.
    2. Use two large screwdrivers or small pry bars and pry against both screws at the same time to remove the crankshaft rear oil seal. It may be necessary to place small blocks of wood against cylinder block to provide a fulcrum point for pry bars.
    3. Clean the oil seal recess in the cylinder block and main bearing cap. Inspect and clean the oil seal contact surface on the crankshaft.
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